Here's how the Princesses send Mako and Spencer to spy on Tirek in Thomas' Place as a Prime.

[the next day, our heroes have been called to the main hall]

Toby: What's going on Princess?

Princess Celestia: Tirek has returned.

Twilight: What?!


Peter: Well if he comes here, I'm gonna do this. [kicks Brian for no reason] Road house.

Vinny: If it was that easy, we would've done so before.

Eddy: So what are we gonna do?

Rarity: Of all of the worst things that could happen. This is the worst POSSIBLE THING!

[then the Diesel Squad races in]

Dash-9: Princess! We saw Tirek!

Kraken: He came into Diesel City and began eating crystals he's found all aorund the city!

Edd: Hey, weren't you the diesels who killed that giant Decepticon?

Pincher: Man, you may be a smart guy, but you can't even remember us?

Edd: Can't remember?

Scor-Brein: But anyway, Tirek's already grown to the height of 17ft!

Spongebob: Princess, how are we gonna stop Tirek?

Princess Luna: The way we did before, drain his power, decapatate him, then kill him.

Fix-it Felix: Pardon me Princess Luna, [takes off his hat] but do you think we should send someone to find Tirek and find out his plan?

Mucker: Felix has a point. If we don't know Tirek's plans, what are we to expect?

Princess Luna: We don't know ethier

Princess Celetia: What about Twilight?

Uray: I don't think we should send an Equine, Tirek may feel their presence. We should someone else, but not a retired villain. Like last time.

Princess Celestia: Good point.

Princess Luna: Who else?

Mako: [waves his fin] I volunture! I'm too cartoon crazy, and physics defying for Tirek to feel my presence.

Princess Celestia: Very good Mako.

Princess Luna: But, we should send someone else to help you. It won't be easy to do it on your own.

Princess Celestia: Spencer, you will help.

Spencer: Me? Why me?

Princess Luna: Cause Tirek has never seen you before.

Gordon: I was hoping she would say me.

Bill: Maybe Spencer and Gordon hate each other?

Ben: No they don't.

Bill: Yes they do.

Ben: No they don't.

Bill: Yes they do!

Ben: No they don't!

Princess Luna: [in royal canterlot voice] STOP IT!!!!!

Skyla: Mommy, what do you think Tirek is manly after?

Cadance: I don't know sweetie.

Mucker: Spencer, before you go. Take this. [shows a case]

Spencer: What is it?

Mucker: [opens a case] Your own weapon.

Spencer: Wow.

Mako: Right, I'll take one side, and you take the other.

Spencer: Okay shark, let's roll.

[the 2 leave]

Gordon: [in Obi-Wan's voice] I hope he doesn't do anything foolish.

Henry: I don't know about that, but he's not that dumb Discord.

Gordon: It's not that, he doesn't know Tirek like any of us do.

Brian: I'm with you, Gordon.

Peter: Let's hope he's doing is right. Like that time I had to pull some boards off an old barn.

[Thought pays]

Peter: [is pulling the board but is straining]

Pepper Clark: Pull it harder, Peter!

Peter: [Straining] I'! [The board cracks] Whew, that was a tough one.

Pepper Clark: [Laughs] Can he fix it? pLaughs]

Brian: Yes, he can Pepper. Haven't you got work to do?

[It goes back to the present]

[out somewhere in Equstria]

Mako: Okay, must find Tirek.

Spencer: Right, let's split up.

[the 2 do so]

[somewhere out in Equestria, Mako is searching]

Mako: Alright, monkey head. Where are you?

[Mako searches high, low, near, and far. But he desn't find anything, until he hears something]

Mako: Tirek! [he gets up on a ledge and watches Tirek]

Tirek: Soon I'll get that Matrix and then I will start up Megatrain's machine and his army will be mine! [cackles] But first I must increase my power [picks up a few crystals and eats them, then he grows to the height of 28ft]

Mako: Oh no! I gotta tell Optimus! [he quietly leaves Tirek and then races for Canterlot castle]

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