Takuya, Doki, Fico, Koji, Sora and Ryan are still falling

Takuya: Man! Does this ever gonna end!?

Doki: I don't know!

Ryan: Riku, can you buy some roses and tell Meg that we love them!

Then they landed on a Bounce Ball

Tommy: Looks like that it's more fun then it is.

Fico: Not really!

Ryan: We are ok!

Sora: [hugs Ryan] You are right, Ryan!

Koji: Not Kidding.

Takuya: Whoa, is this a big Playground? It is. What needs a playgrounds big?

Tommy: We're gonna find out, aren't we?

Koji: Of course.


ToyAgumon: Cast us aside will they? Actually, they're already did. They were speaking Ragtoregly. Oh, what does that mean? Soon, we will go to the World of the humans. And then, we will finally have our revenge. Revenge of the selfless children. (laughs)


Takuya: Keep your eyes peeled for Zoey and the guys

Doki: Even our Friends.

Koji: Something tells, they're not gonna be easy to find this place.

They saw something

Takuya: Hey, maybe that flying guy seen them.

Tommy: Flying Toy Robot!

He went off

Takuya: Wait!

Koji (Thinking) I don't know, which one is worst.

Tommy: Check it out! This is awesome!

He played it

Takuya: Hey, where did he go?

Koji: Don't sit down, we don't have time for this!

Ryan: He's right!

Koji: What a baby.

Tommy: I am not! These are just cool toys! 

Takuya: Yeah. But they are cool, but this probably not the best time to be playing.

Tommy: Aw, come on! What else could we play all these neat toys?

They saw toy

Takuya: Is this the Flying Robot?

He pick it up

Tommy: Hey, maybe the cars play too.

Doki: Really?

Takuya: Hey, that it's cool. Super Robot Punch!

Koji: Not you, too!

Ryan: Yeah, what's up with you?

Takuya: Oh, uh... I guess not. Put down those stupid toys.

Tommy: These guys are worst then my parents.

Takuya: I wonder what happened to Zoe and JP?

Doki: Even my friends.

Koji: I think our only hope is to the Forest Terminal.

Doki: Okay, I think we should meet them up from there.

Tommy: Guys, check it out!

Takuya: Hey! Look! We decided we can't just playing around, right?

Tommy: You decided?

Doki: What? No, calm down. Don't think about being sad.

Tommy is frustrated

Doki: Oh boy.

Takuya: Aw man, I think we feel too bad.

Koji: Why because of him? A Baby has to grow up sometime.

Doki: Hey, you stop that.

Takuya: Don't be so mean, he's only a little kid for Pete sake.

Ryan: Whatever.

Takuya: No, you can't say whatever. Now listen up! I know, you're not use to having friends, but you're a part  the team now. So you better show some support.

Doki: He's right.

Koji: Great idea. Let's support the useless kid. Right up, until the point where we all did because of his stupidity

Doki: No wonder why you're such a Loner, because you don't have any Friends and you're Stubborn as always.

Koji: What do you know?

Doki: My Friend I meet him in Hachiko. He's doesn't have friends, and you're just like him.

Tommy: Come on, you guys. You can't keep fighting while we heading to the Forest Terminal.

They saw a Train

Tommy: Hey, it's a Train.

They ride on it

Koji: Yeah, some Train.

Takuya: Some toy train.

Koji: Oh! Yeah, very funny! So drop, okay? It's about enough I have to ride on that stupid thing.

Then they are mocking him

Tommy, Fico, Takuya and Doki: Koji's Playing Toys.

They saw a Teddy bear

Tommy: Wow, that's wild Takuya. It's a giant rocking Teddy Bear!

Takuya: Hey, maybe, he knows how to get to forest Terminal. Hey!

Then the Teddy touch down at Takuya

Digimon: I am still undefeated! Now we wrestle for the championship of the world!

Tommy: Yeah, I'm next!

Takuya: What are you, crazy! It will crush us!

Doki: And we sure to run!

They are chasing from him

And they hide in a Viking

Koji: That bear is dangerous.

Takuya: And you didn't get thrown down by it.

Tommy: Well, I don't know. He's seems kinds fun to me.

Takuya: Fun, are you nuts?

Then the Boat is Moving

Koji: Who's Idea was it to hide on this crazy thing?

Takuya: You want wrestle a bear instead?

It rocking and they complained it

Koji: Just get us off of here!

Ryan: What? We're flying!

Takuya: Hey, we're floating.

Tommy: Not anymore!

Takuya: We're done!

It still keep Rocking

Takuya: I thought we were!

Tommy: Is anybody else, kinda Sick!?

Fico: I am!

Koji: Get us off of here, before they loose it!

Takuya: Sure, I just snap my Finger!

Doki: Maybe I need a rest.

Fico: I don't feel so good.

Tommy: Uh oh.

Koji: Don't look at my direction, kid!

Takuya: Don't point it at me!

Sora: Not at Me!

Doki: Uh oh.

Koji: I think he and that Otter is going to be okay.

Then Tommy and Fico Puked at Koji and Sora

Koji: Ahh, get them off! Get them off!

Sora: Gross!

Ryan: Excuse me. Haven't we told you, you're Names?

Doki: Oh. Sorry. I'm Doki. And this is Fico.

Ryan: I'm Ryan F-Freeman. Call me Ryan.

Sora: I'm Sora. And this is- Oh, right... we got Separated.

Takuya: You're gonna be okay?

Tommy: Uh-huh.

Fico: Yeah.

Takuya: Come on, you two. Wanna Piggyback ride?

Sora: Ryan can do it. He's a goggle head. 

Koji: Give me a break, make the kid and the Otter Walk.

Doki: Look, it's fine. They're not feeling well, so help them out.

Koji: Oh yeah? What will happen if you're attack while you two carried them. You'll be too slow around to run away, that's for sure.

Takuya: Oh...

Koji: You and your Dog were the worst leader I ever seen. You never think ahead.

Doki: Hey. Sora and his friend Ryan are ok.

Takuya: Well, at least, we think of something someone beside myself Mr Definition of the Word selfish!

Fico: Don't worry.

Tommy: We can walk.

Doki: Fico, Tommy? Are you sure?

Fico: Yeah, and we have no choice.

Takuya: I have an idea! Let's see if anyone lives in that house! Maybe, they can help us.


ToyAgumon: Human Children on our Island, this couldn't be more perfect. We shall all seven of them and use them as bargain chips, when we get to the real world. Monzaemon, get them now!

Monzaemon: Me? Can we just play?

Then he turn him into a Dark Version of him

In the House

Takuya: Now, I know what it's like to be a kid in a Candy Store.

Tommy: And it's the Best thing ever!

Takuya: I guess we can take a little time to have a snake, right?

Ryan: I think so, fellow goggle head.

Doki: [laughs] Nice one, Ryan.

Tommy give Takuya and and Doki a cotton candy

Tommy: Here, have some.

Fico gave Cotton Candy

Koji: Look, we can't just sit here and stuffing our face here. We have to find a way to get to the Forest Terminal. We're not out having fun at the carnival or something. Do you understand? Are you listening to me? Man, you're infuriating.

Takuya: What are we supposed to do? We're floating on a island?!

Koji: There's another example of why you'll never be leader. You just give up. It like you don't even wanna help your friends at all. I mean take a you of what's your doing right now.

Doki: I don't see you'll come any good idea!

Koji: At least, I'm not just eating, we need to think about the other legendary warriors.

Takuya: Legendary war- What are you talking about?

Koji: What if the other four warriors are turn out to be on the enemy side.

Doki: But...

Koji: If we are, we need a plan. We have to dimensions with a worst case of Scenario, not just play games and sweet and we might not make it out of this world, no matter why.

Takuya: Look, can we talk about this now?

Koji: You mean, not in front of Tommy. I don't care if he's young, he have to face the truth.

Tommy: I'm sorry, you hate me so much.

Koji: I don't hate you. It's just-

Tommy: I'm sorry.


Zoe: I wonder how Takuya and the others are doing?

Neemon: I don't know.

Goofy: Me too.

Gabi: Wow, thanks.

Bokomon: I'm sure the seven of them are bumbling along, getting all kinds of trouble. Or causing it I'm supposed and they'll show up just fine, at the Forest Terminal.

Zoe: I hope you're right, Bokomon. Hey, J.P., Otto, Crash, what are you up to?

J.P.: Wouldn't it be great, if we catch a fish for dinner?

Bokomon: Gracious, do you ever think of your head, instead of your own stomach?

Mundi: Boys.

Crash: But, we just.

Zoe: We don't want to hear it.


They are walking off

Tommy: Does, anyone wanna to talk?

Koji: Fine, let's just talk about how we can get to forest Terminal and we're gonna do about the other legendary warriors.

Doki: Ugh! You're so unbelievable!

Takuya: Me and Doki told you about not to talk about it in front of Tommy.

Koji: And I told you, you can't treat him differently like the rest of us.

Takuya: Yeah, but you can respect that he's just a kid.

Koji: So what? So are you.

Takuya: Alright!

Koji: Oh yeah.

Doki: Um, Guys!

Tommy, Fico and Doki: Help us!

They have been taken away

Takuya: It's that bear again!

Koji: No, it's different. And it's all funky.

D-Tector: The ShadowToyAgumon turned Monzaemon into Warumonzaemon. His Heartbreak Attack will really bring you down.

They are chasing him

Takuya: Hey, you big Fuzzy freak! Give our Friends back!

Warumonzaemon: Heartbreak Attack!

He aim it at Takuya and he look down

Koji: Takuya!

Takuya: What's the point, we'll never gonna catch him.

Koji: Huh?

Then Takuya cry

Koji: Why are you crying? What happen?

Takuya: I just felt really sad!

Warumonzaemon: Heartbreak Attack!

Then he aim at Sora, Ryan and Koji

Koji: What just hit us, guys? I'm so sad! I feel like everything is so hopeless, you know.

Takuya: It is Hopeless!

Ryan: Oh. What's the point. [sighs sadly and starts crying] Crash and Sci-Ryan won't find us!

Sora: Yeah! I'm a failure for my exam!

Koji: Sorry, I doubted you!

Takuya: No, I'm sorry I help at you!

Then it wear off and they saw Warumonzaemon taken Doki, Fico and Tommy away

Takuya: That Attack is so not fair! And now, Tommy is gone! What do we do? Why do evil things always run so fast like normal things?

Koji: I don't see it, anywhere.

Ryan: Looks like they're gone.

Sora: I think we could wait, Goggle head.

Takuya: This is our fault, cause we were fighting. This really reminds of... the time I lost my little brother at the amusement park, I never been so worried in my life until now.

Koji: I know, little kids always get in the way.

Sora: That's not what he meant! You must the most selfish kid in the whole world! Two worlds! We have a responsibility to take care of Tommy, cause he's young then us. (sigh) Haven't you take care of your own brother, or sister?

Koji: I don't have any, happy now? See I don't know, anything about having a brothers.

Ryan: Well, maybe you should imagine that Tommy is your little brother. And think what it's like, to have a brother to be alone and afraid, imagine if you keep feeling them.

Koji went off

Takuya: Hey, wait for us!


Tommy (crying) This world is keep better and better! I mean what's next? We're just gonna boiled up, I think, I don't know what is worst! About What's going on, or Anybody get beaten up by a Teddy bear!

Doki: Calm down, we know what you're thinking.

Tommy: We got a Problem. See, whenever I got nervous, I have to... You know.

They need to go to bathroom

Fico: I got to go.

Back to our Heroes

Takuya and the others are searching for Tommy, Doki and Fico and they saw Flying toy

Takuya: There's a Friendly face. Hey, Flying Robot! We're looking for a dog, an Otter and a Boy with a big bear have you seen them?

The Robot pointed at the Castle

Koji: In that Creepy Castle?

Ryan: How can it be creepy, it's Lavender.

Koji: Never underestimate your enemy.

They went to castle

Takuya: It's just so Lavender. Hey, Tommy! Fico! Doki!

Koji: Down here! He can't hear us, we have to go in!

Sora: Let's go!

They saw Flying Robot

Takuya: Thanks!

Koji: You just can't stop playing with toys.

Takuya: Nothing, gonna stop us now!

They saw ToyAgumon

Sora: Except that!

Then the Gate has rise up and they fell into the Water and they were save from a Panda

Pandamon: Once again, I Pandamon, have Foiled the fools, the sinister ShadowToyAgumon.

Koji: Yeah, great thanks. So you save us, so you can bring us down and hurt us yourself.

Sora: Whoa, what's gotten into you?

Ryan: But anyway, thanks.

Pandamon: Pandamon, the Protector. Welcome Human Warriors to my secret lair. Panda Cave.

Takuya: Okay!

Pandamon: I sense that ShadowToyAgumon started hate that chump Cherubimon.

Takuya: Cherubimon. 

Pandamon: Because of Cherubimon diabolical dark by those misguided miscreant who wants to go the real world. And read their revenge of the children who stop playing with them. The rest of toys, just want to play with kidd.

Sora: Whoa, so sad.

Pandamon: Most of wave, ShadowToyAgumon are busy with their painful business just keeping city of unwanted.


ShadowToyAgumon: Faster! Our Destiny is at hands! Our Destiny is at hand? Don't just go away.

Back to them

Pandamon: With any luck, four high power humans won't wonder the castle Creatures in the Castle.

Koji: Yeah! Just when do we do to get to this castle again, Pandamon?

Takuya: Koji.

Ryan: Be Polite.

Pandamon: This Staircase stir four of you straight.

Ryan: Hey, Thanks.

Pandamon: Don't thank me, just stop the ShadowToyAgumon.

They are inside

Sora: Lavender Castle, here we come!

Then ShadowToyAgumon appeared

D-Tector: Evil Hackers turned the ToyAgumon into ShadowToyAgumon. Their Special attack is plastic blaze, but the pain it causes sure isn't fun and games.

Takuya: Are they just gonna stand here?

ShadowToyAgumon: Plastic Blaze!

They dodge them

Ryan: Nope.

Takuya: Execute... Spirit Evolution!

He turn into Agunimon

Agunimon: Agunimon!

Koji: Execute... Spirit Evolution!

He turn into Lobomon

Lobomon: Lobomon!

Agunimon: No one gonna get revenge on the Kids! Otto Formwork!

He defeated

Agunimon: Well, that was easy. Maybe not!

And then they turned into a Tank

Ryan: What the!?

Agunimon: A tank!?

He dodge it from the blast

Lobomon: I got it! Lobo Kendo!

He defeated it and 

Agunimo: So Awesome, I could have done that.

Lobomon: Yeah, but you didn't.

Agunimon: And you don't have a better job!

Then it turn into a Robot

Agunimon: So if you don't need any help, buddy?

They dodge it

Ryan: Why don't you take us!?

Then it right in front of him

Ryan: I was wrong! You look at lot bigger, then a close up!

Agunimon: So how can we best them?

Lobomon: Follow my lead!

They just and then it hit each other

Agunimon: Hey, it worked!

And it shall the Fractal Code

Agunimon: I have when toys go bad.

He use his D-TECTOR

Agunimon: Fractal Code... Digitize!

Then it Lobomon

Lobomon: Time to be purified by the light!

He summon his D-TECTOR

Lobomon: Fractal Code... Digitize!

After that it turn ToyAgumon back to normal

Koji: Hurry, we have to get to Tommy and the others before it's too late!

Takuya: Yeah, I don't know what that bear is doing to them!

They went off

Digimon: Take that and that!

Tommy: Ow! Quit Kicking me!

Doki: It's not me!

Fico: I think we're losing..

Takuya and the other heard them inside

Ryan: They're fighting!

They went inside and they saw them playing a Videogame this whole time

Tommy: I win! Champion in the World!

Doki: Bravo!

Fico: What? I lost!?

Koji: Huh? What are you doing?

Doki: Oh. We're playing this game.

Takuya: But we thought you're in Trouble?

Monzaemon: I know, I just felt awful about it, guys. But these little trooper saw it through the real me and play it with anyway. They're a good boys.

Tommy: So can we keep him?

All: No..

They left

Tommy: Why can we keep him?

Pandamon: Fantastic Friend's. To make up for their monstrous mistake, the ToyAgumon insist to take you off the island.

They look happy now

Tommy: Cool!

Takuya: Hey. Tommy. How come you, Doki and Fico aren't scared?

Doki: Why? We don't get scared from airplanes.

Sora: He meant. About Monzaemon.

Tommy: Well to be honest. First, we were scared of him that I almost wet my pants. But then, we figured out that the big guy only wanted to play video games with me.

Koji: Probably for a kid figured that out.

Takuya: You're right, Kids aren't that for anything.

ToyAgumon: Guys, if you look down you can see the Forest.

Tommy: Wow!

Doki: Awesome!

Takuya: Cool!

Koji: It's just Trees.

ToyAgumon: And as Special thanks, how about a little excitement.

Then he make the Airplane go upside down

Tommy: Maybe I am afraid of Airsick- Airplane!


Zoe: Um, I hate to say this guy's, but I think... We're lost.

Sci-Ryan: We're not lost!

Goofy: Gwarsh, Sci-Ryan. You think Ryan and Sora could be anywhere?

Sci-Ryan: Sure I am, Goofy. If I trust the guidance my heart gives like Sora, we'll find them. Which is more Sora-esque.

Crash Bandicoot: Any ideas, Otto?

Otto: No, Crash.

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