Serpentterra's Reborn Part 1 is the 34th episode of Pooh's Adventures Chronicles Series


After another fail attempt to try and taking over the world, Mr. McEvil left his follow villains to think of a idea while he go sleeping. While he sleeping, he have a dream which shocks E.V.I.L.S.! He dream of him and E.V.I.L.S. rebuild Serpenterra and taking over the world. Once E.V.I.L.S. finally rebuilding Serpenterra, Mr. McEvil, Bowser, Mistress 9, Dr. Eggman, Bowser, Jr. and Hardcase plots Serpenterra to attack the city. Pooh and his friends saw Serpenterra have been rebuild by E.V.I.L.S., the Dino Charge Rangers used their zords to battle Serpenterra. But, think to the upgrade that E.V.I.L.S. rebuild him, the Dino Charge Rangers' zords was hypnotized and become evil zords. Than, Serpenterra suddenly begins to have a mind of his own. Than, he suddenly transform into a serpent and a dragon hybrid humanoid monster. In order to stop Serpenterra, Pooh and his friends must make a unlikely alliance with E.V.I.L.S..  


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