Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba, or just commonly referred to as Kaiba, is one of the main characters of the series. He is the older brother of Mokuba. Priest Seto is his Egyptian incarnate. He is the majority shareholder and CEO of his own multi-national gaming company, KaibaCorp, and aims to become the world's greatest player of Duel Monsters. To accomplish this goal, he must defeat his arch-rival, Yugi Moto. He is the modern-day lookalike counterpart of Priest Seto himself, the original keeper of the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

Kaiba is largely considered an anti-hero, as his motives are usually ego-centric and his personality traits are selfish and arrogant, but he does sometimes help Yugi and his friends if it's in his best interest. Although there are a few occasions when he helps Yugi when faced with a common enemy. He also does appear to have ethics, as he does not believe in stealing from others to get ahead in life, proven in his duel against Zigfried. He has proven to strongly believe in hard work and determination, and dislikes people who steal or cheat.

Among one of the recurring plots is Seto Kaiba being forced to deal with either people adversely affected by Gozaburo Kaiba's actions, wanting to take their revenge on Seto himself, or people from within attempting to take over the million-dollar corporation.


  • One day, when he became a Pokemon Trainer himself, Kaiba met Ash Ketchum and his friends and treated them the same way he usually treats Yugi and friends. It wasn't until he faced off against Ash in Duel Monsters that he finds a very worthy opponent in him the same way he feels about Yugi. Then he experienced a Pokemon battle where Ash went up against Team Rocket. When he witnessed Ash-Greninja in action, he was amazed. It was then he decided to become a Pokemon Trainer as well. But one thing was for sure, he did not want to let Team Rocket beat Ash and take his Pokemon. So Kaiba assisted Ash in battle, knocking down the Team Rocket balloon with his Blue Eyes White Dragon. After Team Rocket was sent blasting off, Ash and the gang thanked Kaiba for his help, and Kaiba admitted that they earned his respect. And for that, Kaiba actually made his very first friends.