This is how setting off goes in The Birth of Thomlight Sparkle.

[the foals set off for Cylas' lair and enter Dinobot Island. Suddenly, Grimlock comes out and Thomlight gasps]

Thomlight: Cylas must have told them to stop us from reaching him.

Apple Bloom: Thomlight, ther' friends of ours. Ther' the Dinobots. Ther' ancient Autobot warriors. Optimus covinced them to help us stop Lockdown, a Decepticon bounty hunter.

Thomlight: Oh. Listen, Dinobots. We need your help. My mother has been kidnapped by Cylas and we need to save her. Will you accept our friendship and help us?

Grimlock: [snarls in agreement]

Thomlight: Alright. Thanks.

Nyx: Well, let's get going.

[Thomlight hops on to Grimlock's back and the other foals climb onto the other Dinobots. Nyx jumps on to Grimlock with Thomlight]

Thomlight: Why don't you tell about these guys on the way there, Nyx?

Nyx: Okay.

[Grimlock starts to set off and growls to the other Dinobots]

Thomlight: Alright. Let's move!

[The Dinobots and the foals continue to Cylas' lair and reach the Hoover Dam]

Snowdrop: Thomlight, it's getting pretty late. [yawns] Do you think we should rest here for the night?

Thomlight: Yeah. [yawns] Let's call it a night. We'll get there in the morning.

Nyx: [sighs]

Apple Bloom: What's the matter, Nyx?

Nyx: I'm still worried about Mom. I still don't know if Cylas has done anything bad to her yet.

Skyla: Neither do we. But it's obivous that he hasn't done it yet.

Babs Seed: Well, whatever he's plannin', we need to stop it.

Thomlight: You're right, Babs. But for now, we need to get some rest.

Skyla: Yeah. [yawns] He's right.

Thomlight: You and your Dinobot pals better rest up too. You don't want to be too tired for tomorrow.

Grimlock: [snarls in agreement and plods off]

[the other Dinobots follow him]

Nyx: Thomlight, Grimlock knows our mom.

Thomlight: He does?

Nyx: Yeah. Remember what Apple Bloom told you?

Thomlight: I think I missed some of it.

Nyx: Well, maybe you can ask her how Grimlock and the Dinobots know our mom in the morning.

Thomlight: Okay.

Nyx: Night.

Thomlight: Good night, Nyx. [to Grimlock] Good night, Grimlock.

Grimlock: [snarls "Good Night"]

Thomlight: [looks into the distance] Good night, Mom. Wherever you are right now. [falls asleep]

[they all fall asleep]

[In Thomlight's dream]

Thomlight: [is walking around and then he sees Twilight] Mom, what are you doing here?

Twilight: Thomlight. I knew that you and Nyx wanted me back. And I knew you would come and get me.

Thomlight: But Mom, I don't know where you are right now.

Twilight: You do, Thomlight. I'm at Cylas' lair and you know what will happen to me if you don't hurry.

Thomlight: I know, Mom. I'll be there as soon as possible.

Twilight: Okay, Thomlight. Have you met the Dinobots?

Thomlight: Yes, they're with us right now.

Twilight: And did Apple Bloom tell you about them?

Thomlight: Yeah. But Mom, I'm scared. This is my first adventure.

Twilight: You can do it, sweetheart. I know you can.

Thomlight: I know, Mom. You tell me everyday.

Twilight: I have to go now. But I will see you again when you reach Cylas' lair.

Thomlight: No, Mom. Wait. I have a question still.

Twilight: Bye, Thomlight. [gallops off and disappears]

Thomlight: Mom! Mom, wait!

[back in reality]

Nyx: What's wrong, Thomlight?

Thomlight: Mom. I saw her in my dream.

Nyx: Mom? But Mom's at Cylas' lair.

Skyla: So, you can't have seen her in your dream.

Thomlight: But I did.

Nyx: How?

Skyla: Yeah. What she said.

Thomlight: In my dream, I was walking around and I saw Mom. She told me about how I would come and get her and she said that she knew I could it.

Nyx: Really?

Skyla: Did she ask you about the Dinobots?

Thomlight: Yeah. She did. And she told me to be careful.

Skyla: Well, at least you saw her again.

Nyx: Yeah.

Thomlight: True, but we better get some sleep. Good night.

Nyx: Good night, Thomlight.

Skyla: Good night, Thomlight.

[they fall back asleep]

Thomlight: [wakes up again] Psst. Nyx!

Nyx: [wakes up] What?

Thomlight: Do you think that Mom knows that we are worried about her?

Nyx: I don't know. Can we talk about this in the morning?

Thomlight: Sure. Good night.

Nyx: Good night.

[they both fall back to sleep]

Thomlight: Mom, wherever you are right now, please.

[we fade out of this scene and into the next]

Thomlight: [voice echoes] Be safe!

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