Here's how setting off and the first ingredient goes in The Return of the Sun Prince.

[we view the riders loading their dragons' bags with supplies]

Hiccup: Alright, soon enough, we'll head off]

[But as Nyx puts the books in her bags..]

??: Hey, Nyxie!

Nyx: Mushu?

Mushu: [races up] Hey, whatcha doin'? You going on an adventure?

Nyx: Oh, we're bringing back Barret Barricade.

Mushu: Alright, can I come with you guys?!

Nyx: Well.....

Mushu: [grabs Nyx's mane and shakes her head] Please! PLEASE!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEEEAASE?!?!

Nyx: Okay! OKAY! You can come, I'll need someone to help me read the book while flying.

Mushu: Oh, great! [hops on Eclipse's saddle] I'm ready for action!

Skyla: You know, maybe we should ask some of the others to come along. We might need help for this quest.

Hiccup: Yeah. I'm with you Sky.

Yuna: And I know who who could bring, I'll be back. [teleports away]

[Then the Magic School Bus drives up]

Babs Seed: What a coiencedence.

Mrs. Frizzle: We heard your bringing back Celestia's husband to life, so we decided to join along.

Snowdrop: Wonderful.

Phoebe: Where is Yuna, anyway?

Fishlegs: You just missed her, she teleported away just a second ago.

[the Yuna teleports back in]

Yuna: I'm back!

Fishlegs: [yelps] Seriously, can we put a bell on you guys!? That popping out of nowhere thing is starting to become old!

Skyla: Hey, you brought Connie and Firestorm!

Yuna: Yep.

Connie: I thought I could bring Sharon's Dad back.

Yuna: Besides, you're my Padawan.

???: Guys.

[the Griffin and Evolutions then walk into the scene as well as Peter and the guys]

Peter: Mind if we join?

Astrid: I don't know, I mean Brian, Sylveon and the other Pokemon are fine, but you and the guys, I don't know. What do you think Yuna?

Yuna: I think they should. Like Skyla said, we need all the help we can get.

Female voice: And us?

[the LSP gang and their dragons then walk up]

Apple Bloom: Of course ya' guys.

Skyla: We ahould also have the Human conunter parts of Auntie Twilight and her friends come too.

Human Twilight: That's right.

Skyla: Speaking of which.

[the Human Mane 6 are now in the scene.]

Human Rarity: Hey guys.

Human Applejack: So what kind of adventures of we headin' on now?

Yuna: It's a quest to bring back Sharon's father.

Human Rainbow: Well, you can count us in!

[the riders then start hop on their dragons when]

???: Hey, wait!

Espeon: Oh great.

[the Crystal Prep Girls then come into the scene]

Eevee: Well if it isn't the back stabbing traitors.

Lemon Zest: Look, we're sorry.

Umbreon: [as Manny] No, you're not! Not yet.

Sugarcoat: Yes, we are!

Espeon: No! You teamed up with that crazy principal! And you tried to have us killed!

[the Eeveelutions and the CPG start arguing]

Yuna: Hey! Enough! Enough!

Scootaloo: [face hoofs, then takes out her pistol and fires in the air]

[the bang makes them stop arguing]

Yuna: Can we just be nice here?!

Flareon: Fine.

Yuna: Good.

Princess Celestia: Sharon!

[Celestia then walks over to Sharon]

Princess Celestia: Be safe.

Sharon: I will.

Princess Celestia: [takes out an object] Take this with you.

Sharon: What is it?

Princess Celestia: It's your father's Lightsaber.

King Solar Flare: Sharon. Here. [gives her something]

Sharon: It's father's wedding ring.

King Solar Flare: Give it to him when you and the others bring him back.

Sharon: I will grandpa.

Princess Luna: Take good care of yourself, Sharon. Your about to embark on a dangerous quest no alicorn has ever done before.

Cadance: And your the first one to do so.

Sharon: Don't worry Aunt Luna and Cadance. I will.

[the 5 then share a group hug]

Princess Celestia: [kisses her on the cheek] May the Force be with you.

Sharon: [hops on Alpha]

Brian: Slight issue, Nightstriker can't carry me, Sylveon, the other, and Peter all at once.

Joe: Yeah, and I don't think my wheelchair could fit on his back.

Peter: I can use the alicorns' magic. Even though I tried one of their ingridents it made me switch me and Zoe's bodies.

Zoe Trent: Don't remind me of that nightmare.

Connie: [nudges Firestorm]

Firestrom: [lowers his back]

Connie: Hop on guys, there's plenty of room on Firestorm.

Quagmire: Oh, thanks!

[Peter and the guys then hop on Firestorm's back]

Human Applejack: Time ta' saddleup.

[the Human man 6 hop on Firestorrm aswell]

Sour Sweet: So, where do we ride?


Sunny Flare: Okay, okay!

[they then hop on Firestorm]

Lemon Zest: Wait, this isn't the dragon that can make its body burst into flames is it?

Jolteon: [groans] No, it's the Monstrous Nightmare that does that!

Lemon Zest: Oh, just checking.

Yuna: Alright, let's ride!

Mushu: Ho hi, Eclipse, away!

[the dragon then slowly fly upward]

Ms. Frizzle: Bus, do you stuff. [pulls the lever]

[the Bus then transforms into a dragon and it takes to the skies aswell]

Princess Celestia: Be safe, my filly.

[Flashback plays]

Doctor: Solar Flare, your majesty. Your older daughter's baby has arrived.

King Solar Flare: Take me to her.

Doctor: Yes, your majesty.

[the doctor guides King Solar Flare into the room and we see Celestia with a young foal in her arms]

Princess Celestia: Father, this is Sharon. [shows her]

King Solar Flare: [gasps] [a little tear streams down] She's beutiful, Cellie.

Barret Barricade: We know, she's our little Sharon.

Sharon: [opens her eyes and smiles to her new world]

[At Canterlot castle]

Princess Celestia: Fillies and gentlecolts, I gather to announce you that my very first daughter has arrived. Princess Sharon!

[Everyone cheers]

Twilight: Oh, Celestia. I'm so proud of you and Barret's foal.

Barret Barricade: So are we.

[Flashback ends]

[We see a droid watching the riders]

Ernie: So, they're bringing back Barret Barricade, eh? [evil chuckles] How pathetic.

Bobby Briggs: So what are we gonna do?

Ernie: We should get more help.

Sideshow Bob: Who are you suggesting?

Ernnie: Contacting the nightmares.

Bobby Briggs: Why?

Ernie: You'll see. Because there heading to the jungle in the mountains, and that's where we are going.

Sideshow Bob: But, Ernie. Haven't you herd that jungle is guarded by the Legendary Pokémon: Regirock, Registeel, and Regice....

Ernie: [force chokes him] Enough! I'd seen many dangerous beast, and slayed them, since childhood! Just like I'll slay you.

Sideshow Bob: Yes, sir. My mistake.

Ernie: Good. [releases him]

[we now return to the riders, who are in the skies]

Nyx: Alright, the first item we need is something to shine as bright as the Sun.

Fishlegs: So, what do we know that could shine as bright as the sun?

Skyla: Maybe it just means that the object has to have a good shine to it. Like how the Sun shines.

Sweetie Belle: Well I once heard Rarity say this when she was creating one outift, (imitating Rarity) "With plenty of fine diamonds, this dress willl be as bright as the sun!"

Nyx: That's it! I know what we need for the sun part! A diamond!

Mushu: Alright. So where would you find one?

Nyx: I might have a good idea of where, just follow my lead. [so then riders follow behind Nyx and she flies Eclipse towards some big mountains] I've heard of diamond mining spots being around these hills. Keep an eye out for anything that likes one.

Mushu: Right!

Singun: [tugs Sweetie Belle's tail]

Sweetie Belle: Huh?

Singun: [points downward]

Sweetie Belle: I think Singun found something!

[they fly down to the ground and Singun indicates the side of the cliff]

Nyx: Maybe there' some diamonds in here.

Sharon: Well, let's start excavating!

[Soon our heroes are excavating around for anything]

[after a little time of digging..]

Ralphie: I found some!

[Everyone comes over]

Mushu: Jackpot!

Astird: But which one should we take?

Sharon: I say we take the biggest one.

Astrid: Right. [she then grabs the big one and loads it into Stormfly's saddlebags]

[but as the others are turned away, Human Rarity is taking a few of the smalller diamonds and stuffing them in her purse]

Yuna: Now what to use to symbolize the Moon?

[Then Fishlegs gets an idea]

Fishlegs: Hey, that's it!

Scander: What? What is?

Fishlegs: I know what we can use!

Sharon: Where can we find it!

Fishlegs: In a tropical rainforest, in a water hole!

Hiccup: Alright, after and you and Meatlug then..

Eevee: Wait! Something's coming. [puts his ear to the ground]

Sharon: Eevee what is it?

Eevee: Shh! [then his eyes get open of shock of what it is] Look out! [shoves her out of the way]

[And out of the ground is a robot looking Pokémon]

Pokémon: Regi-rock!

[It lands on the ground behind our heroes and beeps and does a hammer arm, but our heroes avoid it]

Sunny Flare: What is that?!

Peter: Some weird kind of Pokémon!

Pokémon: Boop, boop, boop, rock! [does a hyper beam which misses] [beeping] Rock! [does it again]

[Then Nightstar does a plasma blast which drives it back and hits it]

Yuna: Let's go!

[They hop on their dragons and took off]

Pokémon: Regirock. [digs under the ground]

[Our heroes are still in the skies]

Skyla: What was that thing?

Eevee: It's a Regirock.

Indigo Zap: Regirock?

Vaporeon: Yes. It's one of the Legendary Pokémon.

Armor Bride: Why did it attack us?

Eevee: [looks down to the ground] I don't know.

Thomlight: You don't think that crazy Pokémon poacher had something to do with it, do you?

Yuna: Maybe. I'm not sure.

Espeon: Pokémon poacher?

Skyla: It's a long story.

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