Here's how setting off into the night in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure.

[Our heroes, Wilbur, and the spiders watch and wait for the lights to turn off, and they do.]

Thomas: Coast is clear.

Wilbur: Okay, here we go. [hops on a stack of hay]

Nellie: Looking good, Wilbur.

Wilbur: How do we absolutely, positively know for sure that the gate won't open?

Nellie: Go for it.

Wilbur: Right! [takes a deep breath and jumps but gets caught on a beam. But he falls into a mud pile]

Nellie: Whoa!

Rarity: Watch it! Don't get mud on us!

Wilbur: Ha! What do you know? Let's hit the road girls!

Nellie: Let's do it.

[The spiders crawl on Wilbur]

Aranea: I guess this means we're really going.

Toby: Don't worry, Areana, we'll be fine.

[Wilbur and our heroes come to the corn maze, but Wilbur stops and looks back but he goes forward. But in the corn maze they see scary faces]

Aranea: I'm not scared. I'm so not scared.

[Then there was a bird cawl]

Spiders: [screaming]

James: A MONSTER!! [screams]

[Soon they all make a jet for it, but Wilbur hits a scarecrow and his glove files off and grabs his flank]

Wilbur: AH! IT'S GOT ME! [squealing then stops] Oh, my... I'm gonna faint! [does so]

[But the glove flies off him witch reveal it was Templeton crawling out]

Templeton: Get off your butt!

Wilbur: Templeton?

Templeton: You'll never make it to the Hirsh farm like that.

Wilbur: What are you doing here?

Templeton: You know how a rat change his mind. You need my help, what else could I do, but offend the paw?

Joy: [slides down Wilbur's snout] [sarcastically] Couldn't have anything to do, with the fact that you realize Wilbur gone, there won't be any slops for you?

Templeton: [shutters] Are you saying that I have salvage motives?

Joy: [looks at him not ammused]

Templeton: It has absolutely nothing to do with my aid of Wilbur's food, I can assure you of that. So! How many babysitting days are we uh, talking about here, Wilbur?

Wilbur: [snorts]

Steamy: Never mind that!

Mucker: Come on, let's continue on.

[Soon they carry on]

Wilbur: It's.. It's actually kinda nice traveling by night. The wind on our back, the moon light above.

Joy: Who are you fooling?

Wilbur: Okay, it was worth a try.

Hiro: It is nice traveling by night, I should know. I love traveling at night.

Joy: [sarcastically] Yeah, that's why your marefriend is an alicorn who is the Princess of the Night.

[Wilbur hears a tree falling and races across a river]

Templeton: Done gapping? It's this way. [swings down a bramble]

[But then Wilbur gets stuck]

Wilbur: Hey! What's going on?

[Templeton looks back and comes up]

Templeton: Don't you know how to walk in the bramble would ya keep still? The more you mob, the worse it gets.

Wilbur: Can you help me out?

Templeton: I like to help you, but uhm. Only two more weeks of babysitting would turn my into good.

Wilbur: Two more?!

Templeton: Hey, I'm not the one stuck in the bramble.

[Wilbur tries to get free, but falls down]

Wilbur: Fine! Two more weeks! Just get me out of this.

[Templeton crawls up and starts crewing the bramble and Wilbur gets free. But some are tangled on him. And they carry on, but they herd a growling sound]

Aranea: [gasps] What's that?

Fender: Oh, no! I've seen this on the late show! Ghoulish fiends will hold us down and take turns nibbling on our innards. Then they'll eat our brains and leave our bodies for the buzzards!

Willy: That's disgusting.

[then the growl is coming from Wilbur's stomach]

Wilbur: [chuckles] I've just been alerted that I've forgotten something important to my big plan.

Gordon: What is your emergency?

Wilbur: Food! I think I feel faint. [lands on his flank]

Templeton: Food?! Tell me you're joking.

[Then Wilbur is sniffing]

Wilbur: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, I smell...

Templeton: [gasps]

Wilbur: Oh, yeah. I smell... BLACKBERRIES!! [eats some while some squirt his face, but he strains on a bramble but breaks loose and Wilbur tools over to a tree and tree sap lands on his face, including some bark and leaves] Honey anyone?

Spiders: [giggling]

Nellie: Wilbur.

[They crawl back on him]

Wilbur: Hey! It's the Berk Conwood Tree! Just like Gwen said.

[They run around and make it to a road]

Wilbur: We did it. We actually made it to the road.

Nellie: And now all we need to do, is just got five, five, five miles that way!

Wilbur: Right, that way!

Joy: Unless of course it's that, that, that way!

Wilbur: Uh, that way?

Percy: Can we try to decide which way it is later? We shouldn't be on the road! What if a car comes?

Charlie: Don't be silly, Percy. There aren't gonna be any cars driving this way at night!

[Then car lights are coming]

Charlie: Then again, I could be wrong.

Templeton: Heads up! HEADS UP!!! [runs away and Wilbur does so by avoiding the truck!]

Truck driver 1: What's that?!

[The truck stops and the 2 hop out]

Truck driver 2: I bet the farm we just saw a wild pig!

Truck driver 1: Hope you're wrong, bud. A farel pig is bad news. 3 years ago, one took a whole field of my squash even dragged up a baby goat.

Truck driver 2: We better warn everyone.

[Wilbur is still running and stops as the drivers drove away]

Wilbur: Gosh! Just like that! I could have been flatten, squashed!

Joy: Bacon based, road kill!

Fender: Or even pancakes!

Templeton: Stop with the food references. I'm starving.

Pinkie: Even I'm starting to feel hungry.

Wilbur: [groans]

Nellie: Calm down, Wilbur. It's over, there's no reason to panic, just a little bump in the road.

Wilbur: Neh!

Twilight: Not helping.

Nellie: Sorry! Now, straighten up. We're nearly to Cardigan's. And I'm sure Templeton knows the way. Right Templeton?

Templeton: Of course I do! I'm the only one with this head on strait in this entire outfit!

Joy: Boy, are we in trouble.