This is where the team search for Snowdrop and where Snowdrop finds her Family Tree in The Snowdrop Movie

[later we see Yuna looking out the window as Nightstar is behind her]

Yuna: Poor Snowdrop.

[then she hears a knock at the door]

[Yuna then opens it and outside is Skyla and Crystal Heart]

Skyla: [wearing a purple scarf] Yuna, you and Nightstar gotta help me find Snowdrop! It's all my fault! I've just gotta find her! [sheds a tear]

Yuna: As a loyal sister and cousin, I shall join you in the search, but if we're to find Snowdrop (she puts on a green scarf and then some earmuffs) we're gonna neeed all the help we can get. And I know where we can find it!

[It shows the group at the Isle of Berk]

Yuna: And we need your help to find her, before she get lost of even freezes!

Valka: That poor filly.

Gobber: All alone in the cold?!

Yuna: Yeah!

Gobber: No filly is gonna be stuck out in the cold on my watch!

Ruffnut: You were wise to seek assistance form the World's most powerful viking! Me.

Snoutlout: I'm all for this.

Astrid: I'm not.

Nyx: What?

Astrid: Have you seen the state of this storm!? [opens a window to show the wind blowing snow] This is too intense to go in! There's no way I'm going out in that!

Skyla: Astrid, please. I miss her.

Astrid: But why do you want me to help?

Sykyla: Because, you're the toughest viking I know! You helped me understand how to be brave and tough! And you're the only one tough enough for this, you even wield a Lightsaber Ax!

Astrid: [thinks for a moment] Alright, alright! I'm in!

[we now see them trudging in the snow calling for Snowdrop]

[we then come to Snowdrop]

Snowdrop: Family?! Family?! Where are you family?!

[She hides in a cove to keep warm]

Snowdrop: I hope their okay. Family?! Family?!

[she then journeys on, but misses her footing and then drops her capsule!]

Snowdrop: My capsule! [slides on ice]

[she then manages to grab but slides over a cliffslide]

Snowdrop: AH!!! [lands in a pile of snow] My heart capsule! [she grabs it and then puts it back around her neck and then notices something] (uses her force vision) [gasps] The biggest tree I'd ever seen! Is it? Is it? [she then sees the whole thing] It's the family tree! [laughs like crazy] Hello?! Is anyone here?! It's me, Snowdrop! Hello?! I got your letter! Hello?! [giggles, then stops] Hello? Hello... anyone? [she then sheds a tear and starts crying] (she then gets to her knees) Lord, I need you're help, I've journeyed out here to my family tree, but no one's hear. I...I... I wish, I hope, I dream, I pray, by the Princesses rule, will light my way, please.. I.. Primrose is the only family I have. So, please help me. (she then starts to weep)

Primrose: God, can't do that. You know that.

[Snowdrop looks up and sees Primrose in front of her]

Snowdrop: Mother!

[The 2 hugged]

Snowdrop: Mom, do you remember when we went to church?

Primrose: Yes.

Snowdrop: I was bullied there...

[flashback plays]

[we see Snowdrop at her old church and then some fillies are whispering to each other]

Filly 1: [whispering] That's the blind filly at the school house.

Filly 2: [whispering] I heard she got in a fight with her friends once.

Filly 3: [whispering] Well, it's not her fault if she can't even see in front of her.

Snowdrop: [is hearing what the 3 are hearing] What?

Filly 2: Hey, she talked to us?

Filly 1: What's wrong? Have bad days at school with your horrible eyes?

[the 3 laugh]

Snowdrop: Stop it.

Miss Windith: That's enough!

[we see Miss. Windith come into the scne]

Miss. Windith: Girls, this is not the place to be making fun of anyone! The Lord is watching!

[the 3 fillies look and see a statue of God]

Miss. Windith: Now go over to the Cathedral.

[they do as they're told]

Snowdrop: Thanks Miss. Windith.

Miss Windith: You're welcome.

[then Primrose comes up]

Primrose: Snowdrop.

Snowdorp: Coming.

[they both rejoin and then head for home]

[Flashback ends]

Primrose: Why didn't you told me you were bullied?

Snowdrop: I didn't want you to know.

Priomrose: Snowdrop, you can tell me anything, and I'll be there to help you. You've got to believe that. I'll stick with you to keep warm.

Snowdrop: Okay.

Primrose: [wraps her around with both of her wings]

Snowdrop: Thanks.

Primrose: [singing]

Little filly
bright and brave
feel the morning
warmth upon your face
brings a new day
Keep your head up
Chase your doubts away


Filly of frozen tears
Can't you see the
world has so much cheer
For you
My little one
Stand tall now
Keep your spirits high
And listen to
the stars' lullaby
Into the gentle breeze
And make a wish
to ring through the centuries

(repeat chorus)

Filly of frozen tears
Can't you see the
world has so much cheer
For you
My little one

[we return to the team]

Hiccup: Snowdrop!

Skyla: Snowdrop! [then something hits her face, she then pulls it off and it's the letter] Snowdrop? [sees her in the distance] There she is! SNOWDROP!!

Yuna: Snowdrop!

[everyone starts calling for her]

Snowdrop: [gasps] My relatives! I'm coming, relatives! [it echos]

[up above, we see some snow slightly shudder]

Snowdrop: [uses her force vision] Guys? What are you doing here?

Hiccup: We came to search for you "What are we doing here"?

Astrid: What are you doing out here? You shouldn't be out in a snowstorm this intense!

Yuna: Snowdrop, we have to go home.

Snowdrop: NOO!! [it echos causing the snow to sudder some more]

Sunil Nelva; [notices] Uh guys, could we not yell so loud?

Yuna: Snowdrop, are you crazy?! It's not safe out here!

Snowdrop: I'm not going, I'm gonna find the rest of my family! [it echos causing the snow to shudder some more]

Sunil Nevla: Guys?

Astrid: We have to go!

Snowdrop: [shoves her] Never!

Astrid: SNOWDROP, NOW!!!

Snowdrop: [as Cera] NO!!

Sunil Nevla: [growls] QUIET!!!!! [it echos around the gorge]

[then there's a rumbling]

Sunil Nevla: Uh oh. Now I've done it.

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