Seymour Orlando Smooth

Seymour Orlando Smooth (voiced by Daran Norris) is a narcissistic (and evil) game show host on the TV series WordGirl. He usually only has a main villain role in episodes where he hosted a game show of the same name.

Most of Seymour's crimes consist of hosting a game show which is actually a scam to con innocent contestants out of their money and/or valuables.

He used a questionnaire to trick people into giving him access to their bank accounts in his first appearance, "Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff", but was foiled by WordGirl and Mrs. Botsford (who was a contestant on Seymour's show). Later, Seymour tricked people into giving him money for things when he can't afford to buy in "Wishful Thinking", and used his own brother to answer difficult questions in "Who Wants to Win a Shiny New Car?". He uses his dazzling TV show host smile and super strength hair gel to fight WordGirl, a weapon called Fools' Gold that victims must escape from, and the "Wheel of Wonderful Stuff", which was used to trap Wordgirl and Captain Huggy Face and make them extremely dizzy when spinned. However, they escaped in his first appearance and waited to appear to surprise him after he made a fool of himself by using one of his diamond rings, which was the weakness of said wheel. Seymour Smooth appears again in Seymour...Right After This. In Tell Her What She's Won, Seymour has kidnapped Beau Handsome and took over his game show as a host and renamed May I Have Your Money?. Where he steals money fromTommyPhil, and Emily and easily locked up Mr. Handsome in a simple trap of him looking at a picture of himself.  He tried to beat WordGirl with trap questions and including having Captain Huggy Face to stop all the cupcakes from dropping on the floor and at the end changing the rules of the game to have to allow them to drop.


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