Shannon Schwartz is the main antagonist of Adventures in LKHFF's Hometown. He is a corrupt zookeeper who plans on putting the animals on the Fantasy Adventure, Madagascar, and Jungle Teams, and Harvey Cougar in the Central Park Zoo, destroy the LionKingHeart Fantasy Films studio, and make the animals live on only gruel. He also develops a crush on Queen Eliza and Jenna Landon.

He is assisted by Captain DuBois, her men, and Quint.

One time, he manipulates a gang of burglars into helping him catch the animals for him under the false promise of money he doesn't have. When they fail, he forces them into hard labor in the zoo and chews them out when they cry.

Near the end, after Beverick (Benny and Maverick consolidated [combined]) appears and scares him, he is eventually committed to a mental institution.

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