The Shen Gong Wu were powerful magical objects created by Grand Master Dashi. The Shen Gong Wu activated one by one over a long period, and both the Xiaolin and the Heylin had ways of detecting their activation. The Xiaolin warriors had Dojo Kanojo Cho, and the Heylin villains had Wuya. Wuya grew more powerful with more Shen Gong Wu, so the Xiaolin Dragons-in-training had to collected as many as they could to stop her.

List of the Shen Gong Wu

Introduced in Chronicles


  • Some of the Shen Gong Wu in Xiaolin Chronicles have counterparts with the originals.
Showdown Chronicles
Changing ChopsticksMorphing Chopsticks
Fist of TebigongFist of the Iron Bear
Lotus TwisterBanyan Twister
Manchurian MuscaXeno Fly
Monkey StaffMonkey Spear
Orb of TornamiOrb of Torpedo
Reversing MirrorHansu Mirror
Ring of the Nine DragonsRing of Catsumi
Sands of TimeCheetah Claws
Shroud of ShadowsShroud of Monster Camo
Silver Manta RayBlue Ray Manta Ray
Star HanabiHanabi Star
Sword of the StormSword of Lucida
Tangle Web CombMedusa Comb
Tongue of SaipingTongue of Cherokee
Two Ton TunicVest of Kimiku
Woozy ShooterWuzzy Bunny

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