is a magical dragon born from the Dragon Balls created by the original guardian of the Earth. When all seven Dragon Balls are gathered together, Shenron comes forth and grants the user a single wish. When the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls scather across the Earth to find new locations where it will accumulate enough power to be active again. However, when the Dragon Balls were used more than once, they become cracked and negative energy will be released thus forming the evil counterpart of Shenron called, Black Smoke Shenron and seven other dragons called the Shadow Dragons.


  • Shenron will make a cameo appearance in the epilogue of Tino's Adventures of The Dino King. In the epilogue, Tino and his friends asked Shenron to bring Blue-Eyes and his two children back to life, so Speckles could live happily again.
  • At the end of Pooh's Adventures of Samurai Jack, Mewtwo, the Good Fairy, and Zordon will summon the great dragon spirit Shenron (who also revived Zordon) who will resurrect Ashi with all of her memories and powers (excluding the Time Portal power) and will permanently remove her from Aku's bloodline as well as what's left of his evil essence inside her.

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