Sherin is a L&YR Class 5 2-4-2t tank engine that works on T.C.'s branchline.


Sherin is one of the other engines that works on T.C.'s branchline beside, T.C. and Hugs. She normally does a lot of the freight jobs on the line but she does take passenger trains occasionally. Once, when T.C. was sent to be repaired after having an accident, a diesel-railcar named Rose, was sent to help out with the passenger work. But Rose was a bit snobbish and very lazy, for the first train T.C. had, he also had to take a van of mail and milk. But Rose refused and claimed that pulling freight was "bad for her swerves". Then when she refuse to take them again, it would force Sherin to make a special trip with them after her normal work was done. Wanting to help, Hugs offers to take the milk and mail if Sherin fetches her trucks from the quarry in return. Sherin speaks rudely to the trucks, and they plan revenge. As they slow down at a sign to "pin down" brakes, the trucks barge forward and push Sherin down the line and into a train of coal trucks. Sherin is then sent to be repaired while Rose stays to help out as T.C. comes back.



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