Sherman Peabody

Sherman in the cartoons.


Sherman in the 2014 Dreamworks movie.

2015 version of Sherman

Netflix version of Sherman

Sherman Peabody is a cartoon character from The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. He is the "pet" boy of Mr. Peabody. According to one episode, his birthday is April 15th, we think. In the movie, he is 7 1/2 years old, yet in the Netflix series, he is like 10.


  • In the original series, he was voiced by Walter Tetly. In the 2014 movie and Netflix series, he is voiced by Max Charles.
  • Sherman will join Barney and Friends, and then join the backyard gang team, in Barney's Adventures of Mr. Peabody and Sherman: The Movie. But first, he'll appear in a few other Barney's adventures before that, including the Barney/Holly Hobbie ones, in which Holly and Robby take him with them to Clover.
  • Sherman is a close friend to Holly and her brother Robby, and is one of his/her old classmates.


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