Shift into Transportation Part 2 is the tenth episode of the second season of Power Rangers Harmony Force.


With the Venjix Virus spreading in the city, The Harmony Force, Turbo, RPM and T.Q.G. Rangers must put a stop to him for good and foil Ivan Ooze's plan for world domination.

Cadance and Shining Armor reunites with Flurry Heart/Dr. K bonds with Flurry Heart

Just as everyone returned to the safety of Crystal Prep Lab, Dean Cadance and Shining Armor were relieved to be reunited with their baby, Flurry Heart. Then, Twilight showed Dr. K what it was like to have a way with children since her time Ziggy at Kindergarten.

Ivan Ooze begins phase 2/The Invasion in the City

At the Evil Lair, Ivan Ooze is ready to begin phase 2 of his evil plan. At the City, An army of Piranhatrons and Grinders kept on coming.

Jankenman's idea/Making new Transport Power Harmony Weapons and Zords

Back at the lab, Jakenman came up with a great idea as he built the Transport Power Harmony Weapons and Zords for the Harmony Force Rangers to poses for greater good.

The Venjix Virus continues his Wrath/The Transport Power Team Up Begins

At the City, The Venjix Virus has his new body as he continues his Wrath. Just then, The Harmony Force, Turbo, RPM and T.Q.G. Rangers begin their Transport Power Team Up with some help from the Backyard Team.

Dr. K sends the kill code/Twilight and the Red Rangers destroys the virus

But then, Dr. K informs Twilight that she's sending her the kill code to take down the Venjix Virus permanently. So, Twilight and the Red Rangers took him down as se activates the kill code.

Using new Transport Power Weapons/Taking down OozeSkeleton

The Venjix Virus is destroyed once again, The Harmony Force Rangers now used their new Transport Power Weapons as they took down OozeSkeleton.

Making another monster grow/Beginning the Transport Power Megazord Combination

With Klank and Orbus making OozeSkeleton grow, The Transport Power Rangers begin their Megazord Combinations as Twilight and her friends summoned their new Transport Power Harmony Zords and combine with their Elemental Megazord into the Turbo Harmony Gear Traffic Megazord.

Another Monster defeated/The Power Rangers saved the day again

It was a long battle, But the Rangers took down OozeSkeleton. At last, The Game-Con Festival was saved.

Ivan Ooze reunites with his new evil alliance/New Generals of his own

At the Evil Lair, Ivan Ooze was more upset after another failed attempt. Then, General Havoc, Elgar, Rygog, Porto, General Crunch, General Shifter, Kilobyte and Professor Cog served their loyalty to Ivan Ooze as their new generals to his evil alliance.

The Transport Rangers in the game contest/Bestest Reward for the Rangers

As Twilight, Android T.J., Scott, Henry and their friends celebrated their victory, T.J., Justin, Carlos, Dilion, Gem and Donnie begin the game contest with the race. It was a six way tie, And they shared the Bestest Reward as Dr. K zapped a replica for each group of Rangers.


  • Jankenman has his idea to create by the classic games to make the Transport Weapons and the Zords for the Harmony Force Rangers.
  • The Backyard Team becomes the backyard rangers for the first time.
  • T.J., Justin, Carlos, Dilion, Gem and Donnie doing for the game contest with the race at the Game-Con Festival.


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