Here's how Shining Armor and Cadance's story goes in Return to Paradise Falls.

[We see the Crystal Empire]

Skyla: Whoa, that is something.

Cadance: Yeah, it was quite an adventure.

Shining Armor: Indeed, but I'm glad kevin made it home safely. If she hadn't, her chicks would've never survived on their own. 

Skyla: I wish I was there. Kevin sounds like a cool bird.

Cadance: She is. And it's time for your bedtime.

Skyla: But I'm not tired.

Cadance: Maybe, but all young foals need to get their sleep.

Skyla: [giggles] But Mommy.

Shining Armor: I'd listen to your Mommy, Kido. Besides, if you don't head to bed, the Tickle monster will get you!

Skyla: No, Daddy!

[Skyla races off laughing as Shining Armor chases her]

Shining Armor: Where did she go?

Cadance: Did she disappear?

Shining Armor: Did she turn invisable?

[It then shows Skyla hiding in the shadows]

Skyla: [muffled giggles]

Cadance: I just don't have any idea. [then sees something] Got you! [see nothing there] Hmm. I sworn she was there.

[They come to her bedroom]

Shining Armor: Skyla, where are you?

Cadance: Come on, Sweetie. Come on out.

[we see Skyla hiding under her bed]

Skyla: [muffled giggles] They'll never find me here.

Cadance: [sees part of her tail sticking out] [smiles] [taps Shining Armor[ [whispers] She's right there. [points where her tail is at] [outload] Oh, well. I guess she's not here.

Shining Armor: Well, I guess we'll have to check another room.

Skyla: [muffled giggles]

[she then grabs Skyla's tail and pulls her out]

Cadance: Gotcha!

Skyla: No, no!

[The elder ponies start tickling her]

Skyla; [laughing]

Shining Armor: Had enough?

Skyla; [says while laughing] Yes!... Yes! Uncle! Uncle! [still giggling]

Cadance: [gets her teddy bear] Oh, he's a happy bear.

[Skyla grabs it]

Shining Armor: [tucks her in]

Skyla: Still... [yawing] not... tired.

Cadance: [stroking Skyla's mane]

Skyla: Not... tired... [soflty snores]

Cadanc: [kisses Skyla on her cheek] Good night, Skyla.

[The 2 elder ponies leave]

[they then go to see the others]

Shining Armor: You know.

Cadance: Know what?

Shining Armor: We should take her to Paradise Falls.

Cadance: I think that is a great idea Honey! But we should go in style.

Shining Armor: Hmm, in style?

Cadance: Yes, I think I better make a phone call.

[she goes over to the phone and dials a number]

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