Here is how Shining Armor leaves for the Prince meeting in Cadance and Skyla.

One fine day.

Shining Armor:I won't be gone long, Cadance.

Princess Cadance: I understand, Shining Armor. Take all the time you need.

Shining Armor: Are you sure you'll be okay with Skyla?

Princess Cadance: I'm sure.

Shining Armor: Positive?

Princess Cadance: Yes, Shining Armor. Don't fuss over me. I'll be fine with the baby.

Shining Armor: Alright then, I'll be back soon.

Princess Cadance: Have a good meeting.

Baby Skyla: (happy gurgling)

Princess Cadance: Is my sweetie ready for playtime with mommy?

Baby Skyla: (hugging her mommy)

Princess Cadance: (laughs) It appears so.

Baby Skyla: (trying to fit Cadance's crown but it didn't fit)

Princess Cadance: The crown dosen't fit, Does it? (gets an idea) That's it! (got Skyla her own crown and put it on her)

Baby Skyla: (laughs)

Princess Cadance: You like that, Don't you, Skyla?

Baby Skyla: (raise her hooves up wanting to be pick up)

Princess Cadance: Okay, Sweetie. Okay. (picks her up) You know I still love you, Skyla. (kissed her forehead)

Baby Skyla: (laughs)

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