Here is how Shining Armor came home from the Prince Meeting in Cadance and Skyla.

Shining Armor: Cadance! I'm home!

Princess Cadance: Look, Skyla. It's daddy!

Baby Skyla: (gurgling for embrace)

Shining Armor: Hiro, Thomas, Flash and I had a great meeting.

Princess Cadance: That's great. I had a great time with Skyla.

Baby Skyla: (laughs)

Princess Cadance: (passes Skyla to her husband) Would you mind taking your turn with Skyla?

Shining Armor: Sure thing. (takes her) Hi, Skylie! Daddy's here!

Princess Cadance: Taking care of a baby foal was hard work. Especially when I took her to see Twilight, and my Aunts.

Baby Skyla: (gurgling)

Shining Armor: So, How're they doing?

Princess Cadance: They're doing great. Did Hiro tell you that they're having a baby soon?

Shining Armor: Hiro and Luna are having a baby?!

Princess Cadance: Yes, Skyla will have her own cousin to play with someday.

Baby Skyla: (laughs)

                                                                                     The End

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