The Shocker Demon is made out of pure electricity. It is impossible to touch and difficult to fight. The Shocker demon lives in any and all electrical outlets and uses them for both surprise and escape. It appears at random and electrocutes its victims. Breaking it down to its individual particles will temporarily debilitate it, but it can only be vanquished with the Power of Three spell.Contents [show] HistoryEditA Knight to RememberEditIn late 2001, the Charmed Ones encountered the Shocker demon. This made it unable for the sisters to use any kind of energy in their house. Since Paige had not moved into the Manor yet, they also were not able to vanquish this electric foe. At work, Paige also got attacked by the Shocker demon, but was saved by the Prince. After Paige moved in, the sisters successfully vanquished the Shocker demon with a Power of Three spell.SpellsEditTo Vanquish the Shocker DemonEdit(Power of Three Spell)Vanquish, we, three witches cry.One final shock and then you die.

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