Show Stopper is the eleventh episode of season 1 in My Little Pony: Transformers Prime: The Series.


Show Stopper, a rock star Decepticon, uses his music to help Megatron take over Earth. To keep Optimus Prime from interfering with his plans, he puts a love spell on him so that he falls madly in love with Twilight.


Optimus and Twilight fight off a Con named Speed Demon during their mission to map out Cybertron, while the ponies and Autobots watch from the Autobot Base. Wearing some battle armor that filtres out Con noises that Ratchet made for her, Twilight communicates with Optimus who thinks he has the Decepticon but he is busy trying to stop Bee from listening to a song on his radio. Then, Twilight has discovered that a new Decepticon named Show Stopper has shown up while she captures Speed Demon in the Cybertron thermos. Then, Show Stopper shows up at Jack, Raf and Miko's school the next day to perform his song and the teens cheered for Show Stopper and he asked them if they are ready for his live concert tomorrow night at the town centre and the crowd went wild making Show Stopper somehow feel more powerful. So, Optimus Prime and Twilight Sparkle try to stop him but


  • This episode is based on the Danny Phantom episode "Fanning the Flames".


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