This is how showing the gang a machine and Danny explains his origins goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Danny Phantom.

Rianna F-Fiona: I hope the mystery could be solved. I guess Megatron is dead.

Megatron: Ahem.

Crash Bandicoot: Huh?

[Megatron turns and points at something]

Sci-Ryan: What's this?

Danny Fenton: [grabs his hand] Don't touch it! This is the Fenton Ghost Portal.

Sci-Ryan: Ghost Portal?

Danny Fenton: Yes. I had an accident with it a month before you guys arrived and it made me half-ghost.

Ryan F-Freeman: With this, I can give Megatron a nice new home. [looks at Megatron] In the afterlife.

Optimus Prime: No, Ryan. Megatron deserves to stay here.

Ryan F-Freeman: I was joking, Prime. I just said what Buck did.

[Sci-Ryan laughs]

Danny Fenton: As I was saying, this thing made me half-ghost.

Mattis T. Monkey: Does this also work on other people. I'll test this on Megatron in case it's safe and Ryan don't die or fry Mike and have to wear one of those masks like Vader because, that'll not be a good look for him. Plus, if it works, you and Tina can be heroes.

[She nudges Megatron forward]

Ryan F-Freeman: Does she knows what she's doing, Rianna?

Rianna F-Fiona: Yeah.

Madam Magianort: Looks like the Con leader has become more guinea pig then Sunset's bodyguard.

[Crash laughs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh boy, Crash. Bertram will be Sunset's bodyguard if Megatron die.

[Mal looks at him]

Matau T. Monkey: What?

Evil Ryan: [uses his magic to get Mal into Ryan's body] Nothing.

[Ryan smiles and then Mal takes control]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan?

[Ryan turns to the Ghost Portal and lifts the plugs]

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Mal's voice] Can't resist a little chaos.

Crash Bandicoot: Are you ok, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs like Mal]

[He plugs the plugs together and the ghost portal comes on. Ryan gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: Why am I laughing when I feel like sleeping?

Mike: I think Mal is in your body. You think he can come out?

[Ryan nods then gasps as the Ghost Portal whirs into life]

Mattis. T. Monkey: Is this normal!?!?

Mike: Uh...

Crash Bandicoot: Whatever you do, don't touch it.

Ryan F-Freeman: It might substain an attack.

Sci-Ryan: What happens if someone touch it?

[Magianort pushes Megatron into the portal]

Madam Magianort: Go on.

[Megatron cautiously puts his hand on the portal and a green light floods the room]

Crash Bandicoot: What's happening?!

Sci-Ryan: I don't know!

[Ryan watches as a bolt of green electricity strikes him and the others. Everything goes black]

Ryan F-Freeman: [groans]

Danny Fenton: Ryan! Wake up!

Ryan F-Freeman: Danny? Is Megatron got ki... wait. Are you... Danny Phantom?

Danny Fenton: Yeah. I transformed so I wouldn't get hurt.

Crash Bandicoot: I'm ok, Ryan. But, I have no idea what you turn into.

[Ryan looks in a mirror to see that his armor is now black and white and his hair is now white and his eyes are now green]

Ryan F-Freeman: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!![covers his mouth] What happend to me!? [breaths in and out]

Sci-Twi: Ryan! Calm down! Get it together!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sci-Twi? [sighs] What... does the rest of me look like?

Crash Bandicoot: Umm. Like you. Only, not you. Uh, your pendant is white.

Ryan F-Freeman: My pendant!? [Panics and about to scream]

Sci-Twi: [covers his mouth] Are you going to scream again?

Ryan F-Freeman: [muffled] No. [spots wings on Sci-Twi's back] Uh, Sci-Twi? You got wings?

Sci-Twi: Yeah. Except they're nothing like Midnight Sparkle's wings.

Ranyx: Hey! Where did my black coat got to?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ranyx. It's still on you.

Crash Bandicoot: Did Matau and his bandmates left?

Ryan F-Freeman: Maybe they decide to practice outside.

[Crash nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: What happened to me? This isn't me. I cannot be ugly.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Megatron can be a bit scary when he yells.

Nighlock:(puts ducktape on his mouth to get him to shut up)

(Ryan removes the tape off Sci-Ryan' mouth]

Ryan F-Freeman: Nighlock, you're crazy.

Nighlock: Am not.

Red Smoke: Break it up, both of you!

(Ryan looks around and saw Red Smoke]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Amy. These Ghost powers might be a part of us. I think this Ghost portal is scary.

[Mal takes over Ryan's body]

Ryan F-Freeman: [in Mal's voice] Heh. And I love when things get scary.

Jessie Primefan: Ryan? Are you ok?

Ryan F-Freeman: [gasps and Mal jumps out of his body] I'm fine.

Sci-Ryan: Guess Mal turn that machine in hopes to get rid of Megatron so Bertram can be Sunset's bodygaurd. Or is it to find out about Danny's ghost powers?

(Light Ultron banishes Mal to the Phantom Zone)

Mike: Whoa, whoa, whoa. He's a good guy now.

Evil Ryan: Not anymore. Maybe a song can do. [Toots a note]

Wolverine:(covers his ears)

[The song Embrace the Magic starts playing]

Evil Ryan: So you have magic~

And it's not that great~

But when it found you~

You knew it was fate~

And it might seem scary now~

But it can be wonderful too~

So why don't we embrace the magic~


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