Shrek is an ogre who loves adventures but he was annoyed by Donkey. At the first one Shrek rescued the princess named Fiona to make a deal of the wicked greedy Lord Farquaud., second Shrek and Fiona were married after Farquaud was defeated, and meet Fiona's parents the King and Queen of Far Far Away. the Fairy Godmother heard about Fiona got married to Shrek she sends the cat Puss in Boots to kill Shrek so Fiona and Prince Charming will reunite, thrid Shrek and his friends are going on a quest to find King Arthur for the perfect kingdom and Shrek became a father of the newborn ogre triplets. Last but not least Shrek has gone back to the past where Fiona was transformed into a dangerous ogress and joined a army of ogres because Rumpelstiltskin has taken over his past. But in the end he came back to future to set things right the way it should be.