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Sibella is the vampire daughter of Dracula. She has green eyes, light purple skin, purple hair, red shoes, and a dark purple dress with a red belt. Sibella can turn into a bat at will, which she uses for important reasons such as rescuing or looking for people, or for simple things such as delivering a pizza. Unlike traditional vampires like her father, she is immune to sunlight and can go out during the day. She is also shown to be the most strongly willed of the five Grimwood girls-- she is the last to undergo Revolta's hypnosis spell and tries to fight back. She often uses phrases with vampire-related puns such as "Fang-tastic" and "You bat" (you bet). She is talented at making bat-robes (bathrobes) and dragon fire-proof robes as seen when she gives her father and Matches each one. She is soft and down-to-earth, and is considered the one Shaggy and Scooby took longest to warm up to.


  • She's the middle of three sisters. The other two, Draculaura (eldest) and Mavis (youngest). She's also the sister-in-law of Jonathan, the granddaughter of Vlad, and the aunt of Dennis.

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