Sideswipe appears in the live action Transformers film series. He transforms into a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept, and has two wheeled feet like Bonecrusher in the first film, Transformers. He is armed with two retractable Cybertanium arm blades on each of his wrists in robot mode, along with a pair of guns and a machine gun on his back. Early concept art of Sideswipe portrayed him as being red, but he ended up silver, presumably due to director Michael Bay's notion that the color red does not photograph well on film (the same reason Optimus Prime in the film series is primarily blue over red).

His Hasbro battle bio states that he is 15 ft. tall and that he is a master in almost every form of martial arts on Cybertron.

He was in the forest when he found Sunset Shimmer and the Indominus Rex.

He's also good friends with Applejack.



Sideswipe (RID 2015)

Sideswipe (RID 2015)