This is how Sideswipe's leg gets broken in The Great Autobot Caper.

Bumblebee: [hears hoofsteps] Everyone to their toy playing stations, Pumpkin Cake at 3:00!

[everyone freezes just as Pumpkin Cake enters the room]

Pumpkin: Hey, Sideswipe! Ready to go?

Mrs. Cake: Pumpkin Cake, it's nearly time to go.

Pumpkin: Okay, mom. Be there in a minute.

Mrs. Cake: You can play for a while if you want to. It's not until 7:00. [leaves]

Pumpkin: Not until 7:00, hmm.

[an hour later, Strongarm is tied up in rubber bands]

Strongarm: Oh, how I wish someone were here to save me. HELP!!

Bumblebee: Let her go, Megatron!

Megatron: Never, scout!

Bumblebee: If you gave me a choice on how she would die, I'll accept that!

Megatron: Well, how about these choices? My sword or my fushion cannon?

Bumblebee: I choose... [thinks for a moment] Sideswipe!

Megatron: What? That's not a choice!

Sideswipe: You're goin' down, Decepticreep! [takes out his sword]

Megatron: Die, Autobot! [fires his fushion cannon]

Sidswipe: Never! [jumps]

Megatron: You think that's all you've got? [transforms into his jet mode]

Sideswipe: Nope! [slices Megatron in half]

Megatron: NO!!!!!!! [dies]

Bumblebee: Great job, Sideswipe! [unties Strongarm]

Strongarm: Thanks for saving me, guys! [stands up]

Bumblebee: No problem, Strongarm!

Sideswipe: Go Team Bumblebee! [high fives Bumblebee]

Bumblebee: Yeah!

Sideswipe: Alright!

[Suddenly, Sideswipe's leg breaks]

Pumpkin: Damm it!

Mrs. Cake: Is anything wrong, sweetie?

Pumpkin: Nothing's wrong, mom.

[Pound Cake comes in]

Pound Cake: Everything alright, sis?

Pumpkin: No. Sideswipe's leg's broken.

Pound: So I can see.

Pumpkind: I know.

Pound: Well, at least things can't get any worst.

Pumpkin: [sighs] Suppose they can't.

[the two leave the room and the toys come to life]

Bumblebee: Whoa, Sideswipe! What happened to your leg?

Sideswipe: What are you talkin' about?

Bumblebee: One of your legs is missing.

Sideswipe: What do you expect me to do? Look at my side?

Bumblebee: Yes.

Sideswipe: That's funny. Why would I want to look at my- [stops when he sees he's missing a leg] My leg!

Bumblebee: See? I told you.

Sideswipe: It feels like I'm like Olaf the Snowman.

Charlie: Good one, Sideswipe.

Sideswipe: Charlie, that's not funny!

Charlie: Sorry.

Sideswipe: Great! First my sword goes missing and now my leg's broken. What else can go wrong? Me losing my head?

Nyx: I'm sorry about your leg, Sideswipe.

Sideswipe: It's okay, Nyx.

Skyla: Do you feel any pain?

Sideswipe: I don't think so.

Bumblebee: Well, at least you're okay.

Strongarm: Yeah.

Sideswipe: I know. But losing a leg is worst then losing my sword.

Applejack: Yer' gonna be okay, Sugarcube.

Sideswipe: I know, Applejack. I just hope my leg is easy to find.

Rainbow: I hope so too, Sides.

Sideswipe: I wonder where it could've gone.

Twilight: We'll help you find it.

Sideswipe: Okay.

Grimlock: But in the meantime, you stay there and rest.

Sideswipe: Okay.

Optimus: We will find your leg, Sideswipe. I am sure of it.

Thomas: Yeah. And fast. We've got to find it before Pumpkin Cake leaves.

Twilight: Yeah. Owlicious, can you see Sideswipe's leg from up there?

Owlicious: [looks around and then hoots]

James: Guess he can't.

Fixit: I think it's somewhere in this drawer.

Percy: Let's look harder.

Scootaloo: I hope we find it soon.

Sweetie Belle: Yeah.

[Bumblebee sees something red]

Bumblebee: What's that?

Starling: I think it could be Sideswipe's missing leg.

Eagle: Let's get it and see if it is.

[Bumblebee pulls the red something out but it turns to be a red ball]

Bumblebee: Oh, never mind. It's just Gummy's ball.

James: That's probably the something that Gummy was sniffing for when he was here. He lost his ball.

Thomas: Yes. Silly Gummy.

Applejack: Leavin' thangs wher' he fergets them.

Toby: Yeah. How silly is he?

[Everyone keeps searching for Sideswipe's missing leg]

Hawk: Hey. I think I found it.

Robyn: Really? Let's see.

[Everyone waits for Hawk to show what he has found]

Hawk: Oh. Never mind.

Eagle: We need to find it. Pumpkin will be back to pick up Sideswipe any minute.

Starling: I don't see how we can find it in this mess.

Rainbow: Hey. I think I see it.

[Everyone watches as Rainbow grabs what appears to be Sideswipe's leg]

Rainbow: Oh. Never mind. It's just a dumb sheet of paper. [throws it away]

Scootaloo: Sideswipe, when was the last time you had your leg?

Sideswipe: Around the time Pumpkin was playing with me, Bee, Strongarm, and Megatron.

Scootaloo: Right. So, it must've fallen under the desk somewhere.

Apple Bloom: Yeah. But wher'?

Sweetie Belle: How am I supposed to know?

Robyn: Well, wherever it went under this thing, we need to find out where.

Rainbow: I hope Applejack's pet dog can sniff it out.

Applejack: Oh, she will. Trust me, mah' dog can sniff out stuff better than anyone. Isn't that right, girl?

Winona: [barks]

Applejack: You said it.

Fluttershy: I hope she can find it.

Henry: Me too, Fluttershy.

Ultra Magnus: We will find it.

Knock Out: But I just hope there's no interruption this time.

James: I'm sure there won't be any interruptions, Knock Out.

Knock Out: Okay. [quietly] Ya show off.

James: What did you say?

Knock Out: I didn't say anything.

James: Yes, you did. I heard you.

Knock Out: Alright, alright. I said you're a show off.

James: THAT'S IT! [pounces on Knock Out]

[The two start fighting and Sideswipe slaps his head]

Thomas: Sometimes, I wish those two would quit fighting.

Percy: Likewise.

Dusty Crophopper: Yeah. Besides, they share the same personality and like to keep their paintjobs clean.

Gordon: Also, they hate dirty jobs.

Rarity: But Pumpkin never puts me in dirty places. She keeps my mane perfectly neat.

Rainbow: Yeah. But I don't understand why James and Knock Out hate each other.

Applejack: Nor do Ah'.

Ratchet: It's because, when Knock Out joined the Autobots, He and James started calling each other weird names and that lead to them becoming rivals.

Sideswipe: Look, can we please get back to finding my leg?!

Thomas: Oops. Sorry, Sideswipe.

Percy: I just need to go somewhere private for a while.

Thomas: Okay. Just make you hurry back, Percy.

Percy: Okay. [walks off]

Spike: Where's he going?

Thomas: Somewhere to sit and think alone.

Percy: That's right. [leaves]

Applejack: Have ya' found it yet, girl?

Winona: [barks]

Applejack: Well then, let's see it.

[But before everyone can see what Winona has found, Mrs. Cake comes up the stairs]

Thomas: [gasps] It's Mrs. Cake! Everyone freeze!

[they all stop in their tracks as Mrs. Cake comes in]

Mrs. Cake: Oh, my. Sideswipe, your leg is broken. Oh, well, looks like you're going on the shelf. [puts Sideswipe on the shelf]

[Mrs. Cake leaves the room and everyone unfreezes]

Thomas: Oh no!

Fixit: Sideswipe's been shelved.

Sideswipe: Aw, man!

Rainbow: Anyways, what were you gonna show us, girl?

Winona: [barks]

Rainbow: Okay. Let's see it.

Applejack: Lead the way, girl.

[Everyone goes back to the desk as Sideswipe sits glummy on the shelf. However, James and Knock Out are still fighting down below]

James: I am gonna tear you apart! [punches Knock Out]

Knock Out: Go ahead and try! [kicks James]

Sideswipe: Hey! Will you two knock it off down there? I'm trying to get some sleep!

James: Oh. Sorry, Sideswipe.

Knock Out: Yeah. Sorry.

James: We'll get back to looking for your leg.

Sideswipe: Okay. [falls back to sleep]

[James and Knock Out leave to help the others as Sideswipe sleeps peacefully]

Applejack: Come on, Winona! You can sniff out things better than anypony.

Rainbow: It has to be somewhere in there.

Winona: [barks]

Fluttershy: I think she found it!

Applejack: What did ya' find, girl?

Winona: [pulls out what she found and then whines]

Applejack: Never mind. It's just a pair of red shorts. [chucks them away]

Winona: [whimpers]

Applejack: Nice try, girl.

Rainbow: How are we ever gonna find that bot's missing leg?

Thomas: [sighs] I don't know.

Fixit: Hey! What's keeping Percy?

Thomas: I don't know. He said he would be back soon.

Stephen: Yeah. But he's been gone for a long time.

Sweetie Belle: I'll go look for him.

Rarity: Okay, Sweetie Belle.

[Sweetie Belle leaves the room to look for Percy]

Knock Out: [steps on something hard] OW!!!

James: What?

Knock Out: [hopping on one foot whie holding his other] I stepped on something hard! [hops around in circle shouting gibberish]

[James peeks down to see what Knock Out stepped on. And it turns out to be...]

James: Sideswipe's leg! You found it, Knock Out!

Knock Out: I did? I mean, I did!

Applejack: Nice goin', Knocks.

[James grabs Sideswipe's leg and races to tell Sideswipe]

James: Hey, Sideswipe! Wake up!

Sideswipe: What is it, James? [peeks down]

James: Look what Knock Out found! [shows his leg]

Sideswipe: My leg! Great work, Knock Out!

Knock Out: You're welcome! [starts to walk off but is pounced on by Winona and knocked over]

Sideswipe: [laughs] I guess Winona wants to congratulate you too!

Knock Out: [while being licked by Winona] Stop that! I'm going to rust!

Applejack: [laughs] But ya' told me that y'all wer' rust proof.

Knock Out: Yeah. But can you please tell her to get off me? Now?

Applejack: Winona, can ya' please get off Knock Out?

[Winona jumps down from Knock Out's belly]

Applejack: Sorry about that.

Knock Out: That's okay.

Sideswipe: How are you going to get my leg up to me?

James: I don't know.

Ari: I could take it up to him.

James: Thanks, Ari.

Ari: No problem. [takes Sideswipe's leg and flies up to the shelf] Here's your leg, Sideswipe.

Sideswipe: Thanks, Ari.

Ari: You're welcome! [flies off]

[Sideswipe, happy that he has his leg back, falls back to sleep]

Thomas: Who wants to play the Transformers video game with me?

Ari: I do! I do!

[The two take the game controllers and the word, "Start" appears on the TV]

Twilight: Thomas is always into games like that.

Scootaloo: Yeah.

[In the basement, Sweetie Belle is looking for Percy]

Sweetie Belle: Percy, where are you?

[She suddenly hears someone sobbing]

Sweetie Belle: Percy? Is that you?

[Sweetie finds him sitting in a dark corner of the room]

Sweetie Belle: Percy? Why are you crying? Is everything alright?

Percy: No, Sweetie Belle! Everything is not alright!

Sweetie Belle: Why? What's up?

Percy: It's just that it hurts remembering the accident.

Sweetie Belle: What accident?

Percy: Well, many years ago, I had a father. He was killed during a big fire. That's the accident I'm talking about.

Sweetie Belle: Oh. I feel terribly sorry for you.

Percy: Thank you, Sweetie Belle. [hugs her]

Sweetie Belle: Well, let's get back to the others. They're probably wondering where we are.

Percy: Yeah. We should.

[They leave the basement]

[Back in Pumpkin Cake's room, Thomas and Ari have failed at the Transformers video game]

Thomas: Aw! Come on, we almost had him!

Ari: Ugh! This game is so hard!

James: Now you tell me.

Knock Out: Maybe the controllers aren't working right.

Thomas: Yeah. You're probably right, Knock Out.

[Percy and Sweetie Belle enter the room]

Thomas: Percy. You're back.

Fixit: Where were you?

Percy: I was in the basement.

Sweetie Belle: I found him there.

Fixit: Oh.

Percy: Did you find Sideswipe's missing leg?

James: Yes.

Sweetie Belle: Where was it?

Robyn: It was under the desk.

Percy: Oh.

Ari: So, if Pumpkin Cake's not here yet, how about a game of hide and seek?

Ten Cents: I'd love that.

Starling: Me too.

Eagle: Okay. You all go hide. I'll start counting. 1, 2, 3...

James: Psst. Thomas. Come under here.

[Eagle continues counting and Thomas joins James under the bed]

Ultra Magnus: He'll never find us down here.

Knock Out: He will if you don't stop talking.

Ultra Magnus: Okay. No more talking. I will not talk anymore. The talking is over.

Knock Out: You're still talking.

Ultra Magnus: Sssh. Not talking.

[Hawk hides behind a cactus plant as Eagle continues to count]

Hawk: This a good place to hi... [gets pricked on the nose by one of the cactus spines] Ouch!

[Arcee is hiding in a cuboard. She tries to keep the door closed but it keeps opening. She whistles to Gummy and he comes over]

Arcee: Gummy. I need something to block the door so it doesn't open.

[They spy a piece of wood]

Arcee: [gasp] That's perfect!

[Gummy goes over the piece of wood and picks it up, revealing Starling]

Starling: Hey!

[Starling sees some paint cans and she quickly hides]

[Fixit franticly searches for a hiding place]

Fixit: It has to be a spot where I can't easily be seen.

[Fixit spies an empty cardboard box nearby and hides in it, closing the flaps and taping them shut]

Eagle: Ninety eight, Ninety Nine, One Hundred. Ready or not! Here I come!

[Eagle starts to look for the others]

Eagle: Now, where could they be hiding?

[He suddenly hears soft giggling]

Eagle: Ah-ha! I see you Thomas and James!

Thomas: You just found us because you saw our wheels.

Eagle: I also heard you giggling.

James: Ugh! Whatever!

[Eagle then hears a rattle]

Eagle: I know that's you Starling.

[Starling comes out]

Starling: Hey! That's not fair!

Eagle: I heard the paint cans rattling.

James: Guys, cut it out!

[Eagle and Starling sigh]

Eagle: Now to find the others.

[Eagle looks around]

Hawk: [gets pricked again] Ouch!

[Eagle hears and goes over]

Eagle: [taps on the pot] Hi, Hawk!

Hawk: [comes out covered in cactus spines] Oh, hey, Eagle.

[Eagle continues to look for the others]

Sweetie Belle: [giggling]

Eagle: I can see you, Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle: How did you find me?

Eagle: [grabs her tail and gently tugs it] Your tail gave you away.

Sweetie Belle: Stupid tail.

Eagle: [laughs]

Arcee: [giggles]

Eagle: Arcee!

[Eagle goes over to the cupboard and removes the peace of wood. The door swings open revealing Arcee]

Arcee: You found me, Eagle.

Eagle: Of course, I did!

[Eagle looks for the others]

Raven: [floats by]

Eagle: I see you, Raven.

Raven: Oh, great. I'm not a very good hider, am I?

Eagle: No. You're not.

Raven: Ha ha, very funny.

Strongarm: [giggles]

Eagle: I can hear you, Strongarm.

Strongarm: Aw, man.

Eagle: Sorry. Your wings gave you away.

Strongarm: Damm it.

Eagle: I can't believe I'm so good at this.

[Eagle continues his search for the others]

Blaze: [giggling]

Eagle: I can hear you, Blaze!

Blaze: Aw, man!

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