Sideswipe and Fixit's Metroid Blast Battle is a new movie.


Sideswipe and Fixit find virtual reality video-game helmets. They put them on and they become Metroid Blast battlers. In the game, they need to defeat enemies who looks just like the villains they've faced in the many adventures they've had with their friends. They at first are uneasy to harm when attacked but when Thomas spills water on the helmets, they are more easy to harm. Now it's up to Ryan, Crash, and their friends to fix the helmets and save their friends.


Sideswipe and Fixit find the helmets

Sideswipe and Fixit meet Matau and Ryan who are training Nightmare Moon and the Machine Robos. They leave and find a case in the storage room where the Mr. Blobby videos are and found two helmets which works for video games and went to show the Machine Robos, Ryan, Nightmare and Matau what they found but they are more interested in training. Ryan says that these helmets look familiar and likes the Mr. Blobby videos. Bumblebee says that these are virtual reality video-game helmets and Sideswipe and Fixit found that exciting. They put them on and they end up in the Metroid Blast video game. Sideswipe gasps at his vision visor. Fixit looks at the city overrun with Daleks and characters from the Five Nights at Freddy's games emerging from buildings and scaring the civilains. Fixit changes towards Springtrap but he turns to him causing Fixit to pull out a blaster and Springtrap's blows up. Sideswipe fights Nightmare Fredbear and Mal from Total Drama and Master Chen from Ninjago and Nightmare Moon from MLP.


  • will be good guest stars in this film.



  • Friendship Games
  • Everything is Awesome
  • You Wouldn't Know

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