This is how Sideswipe and Fixit find the helmets goes in Sideswipe and Fixit's Metroid Blast Battle.

[Sideswipe and Fixit meet Matau and Ryan who are training Nightmare Moon and the Machine Robos]

Matau T. Monkey: Oh. Hi, Fixit. Hey, Sideswipe.

Ryan F-Freeman: What are you two doing here?

Sideswipe: Well, we are just seeing what everyone's up to.

Fixit: Come on, Sideswipe.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I hope the Dazzlings are seeing this.

[In the storage room]

Sideswipe: Ok. How to get something from the storage room.

Fixit: I found three Mr. Blobby videos for Ryan. A couple stasis pods and [sees a case with helmets inside] I have no idea what these things are.

Bumblebee: Maybe we should show those to the others.

[Ryan looks at the stuff Bumblebee and Fixit found]

Bumblebee: You see, Fixit found these helmets.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's my collection of Mr. Blobby videos.

Fixit: Yes.

Matau T. Monkey: I didn't know you like Mr. Blobby, Master Ryan.

Bumblebee: But these helmets are virtual reality gaming helmets which can allow you to enter some games like LEGO Dimensions and other games.

[Matau holds up a sign that says "Even the Kingdom Hearts games?"]

Bumblebee: Yes.

[Matau gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: Try them on.

[Matau gives them to Sideswipe and Fixit]

Heli Robo: Well?

[Fixit and Sideswipe puts on the helmets and they arrive in a game called Metroid Blast]

Fixit: Wow!

Sideswipe: That is so cool! We are in a video game called "Metroid Blast".

[In reality]

Ryan F-Freeman: Awesome. [looks at the box] Looks like a title is on the box.

[Matau looks at the title: "Sideswipe and Fixit's Metroid Blast Battle"]

Bumblebee: That's cool, Ryan. Why are those four with you and Matau?

[Matau holds up a sign that says "They're training."]

Bumblebee: Training for what?

Ryan F-Freeman: Upcoming battles. Duh.

[In the game]

Sideswipe: This is awesome! [gasp]

Dalek: Daleks conquer and destroy!

[They saw everything. Daleks are hunting people to exterminate and characters from the Five Nights at Freddy's games scaring people]

Fixit: Have at you, Springtrap!

[Fixit charges towards Springtrap]

Fixit: Oh. Nice bunny. Nice, big bunny.

[Fixit pulls out a blaster and blast Springtrap's head off]

Fixit: Wow!

Sideswipe: I know right?

[Toy Bonnie jumps towards Fixit]

Fixit: Whoa! Get away from me, you rosy-cheeked thing!

[Fixit runs away from Toy Bonnie]

Sideswipe: Hang on, Fixit!

[Sideswipe shoots Toy Bonnie]

Fixit: Thanks.

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