This is how Silver Spoon's spirit thingy goes in

[The story begins in the cave and Silver Spoon is chained to a chair]

Silver Spoon: Let me out of here. I have my rights

[Shadow controls the pincer]

[Duncan puffs up closer and sees Silver Spoon]

[The pincer heads for Silver Spoon's body as it shines a light in her face]

Silver Spoon: This can't be good.

[The pincer closes in on Silver Spoon's body]

Silver Spoon: No. No, no, no, no, no.

[The pincer reaches for Silver Spoon's soul]

[Shadow inserts the pincer into her body]

Silver Spoon: Oh no. No!

[The pincer pulls Silver Spoon's soul from her body and Silver Spoon's body goes limp]

Silver Spoon's soul: [gasps] Hey, put back my spirit thingy. That is so uncool. And you're messing up my hair.

[Duncan watches Silver Spoon's soul being put into the vat]

[Shadow puts Silver Spoon's soul in the vat]

Silver Spoon's soul: You're a jerk. Capital J-E--

[Silver Spoon's soul stops speaking as she went into the vat]

[A demon jumps toward Silver Spoon's body and opens her mouth and Silver Spoon's body moves upward and the demon goes down Silver Spoon's throat, possessing her body]

[The scene then shifts to Silver Spoon's hair as the demon goes inside her body and possesses her]

[As the demon possesses Silver Spoon's​ body, Silver Spoon's hooves move around. The demon attaches itself to her body and the possessed Silver Spoon awakens]

[The possessed Silver Spoon looks left and right]

Duncan: That monster possessed Silver Spoon.

[The footsoldiers arrive at the chair]

[Then the first footsoldier releases the possessed Silver Spoon]

[Then Silver Spoon speaks in a demon voice]

Possessed Silver Spoon: Akodu. Mikenopa.

[The footsoldiers, the possessed Silver Spoon, and Shadow leave to the surface]

Duncan: Luna.

[Then Duncan puffs up to the vat]

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