Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's Adventures of How To Train Your Dragon is another upcoming new movie by LionKingRulezAgain1. It's unknown which video site this will be shown as of 3-4-2011.
Simba Timon and Pumbaa's adventures of How to Train Your Dragon Poster

The Poster for "Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa's Adventures of How to Train Your Dragon".


Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, and the Jungle Adventure Crew (along with Mushu) met a misfit boy named Hiccup who dreams to catch a Dragon one day. On the night of Dragon invasion, Hiccup finally catches one of the Dragons and he and the others soon found out that this is Dragon he caught was unlike any other. Now they have to find a way to put an end to the Dragon war.


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