Singe is a fire-elemental outlaw that works for Snide. After the defeat of Hookbeard, Singe betrayed Heckyl and went off the serve his true master, Lord Arcanon.


Singe is an extremely laidback warrior. He is both serious and humorous even in battle, as he claims heroes give him a headache, which is both a fact and a taunt to mock the Rangers. He is cheeky, not accepting orders from Fury, and fearless, as he shows no fear before Snide and Heckyl, though he respects both. 

Arsenal and Powers

Singe wields a candlestick gun called the Last Blaster, a powerful shooter whose blasts are able to cause major damage and destruction. He also possesses a flambeau-like sword, which can be fire heat energy blasts at his foes with devastating force.


  • Singe is a general for the Demon Council of Darkness.

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