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Sir Daniel Fortesque is a hero in the Medievil game series and a character of Crash's adventure Series and Matau's Adventure Series


In the year 1286, an evil sorcerer named Zarok invaded the kingdom of Gallowmere with his undead army. King Peregin send his greatest knights into battle with Sir Daniel on the front line. Dan led the charge and defeated Zarok dyeing heroically to save his kingdom. Or at least that's what the legend said anyway. He is a bit of a coward sometimes but is more brave. 100 years later, Zarok returns and raise another army. However, in the process, he also resurrects Dan. In the year 2015, Dan Rescued Matau from a Vehicon. And they, although Matau was frightened of his skeleton appearance, Dan calms Matau down and become good friends. He tells Matau to put the past behind him and when Ryan and his search found Matau he is recruited to join Crash's team and the Autobots. And he became a bandmate of band called Matau and the Skylanders. They use their music to beat Airachnid, the Machine Robos and Bertram. Later



  • Sir Dan is part of Matau and the Skylanders.


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