Sirens and Dragon Sirens Part 1 is the first episode of season 4 in The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


After discovering an old cave filled with hypnotized people, Peter and Brian had discovered the legendary Sirens! And they had held these people prison for almost 3000 years. And after they get captured they planned a take over with their own dragons: Deathsongs.


Brian and Peter's discovery

One on a boating trip, Brian and Peter then start hearing a beautiful voice coming from a nearby cave. Driving their boat closer to it, they see people hypnotized and see 3 beautiful pre-teens know as the Sirens! Peter then states that their singing is terrible. As he starts singing and playing "I Need a Hero", Adagio Dazzling commands her slaves (Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk) to fight Brian and Peter. So they then fight them but are eventually overpowered and defeated. And held prison by hanging them on their feet.

Finding Peter and Brian/Snowdrop meets the Dazzlings

Back in Berk, the dragons riders find that Brian and Peter haven't returned, so the riders set off to find them. After flying for what seems like days, they find the boat. Till Snowdrop hears Adagio singing. She, Eaglesight, and Iceflyer then go in for a closer look and then Adagio looks down at them. Aria then asks what they should do with them. Adagio then states they can hang them up, in which Yuna comes in with Nightstar. But the Sirens get their own dragons: Armageddon, Apocalypse, and Doomsday. 3 Deathsongs! And the 3 then start doing a song of their own. Which lures the other dragons affected by their musical performances, as Peter cuts himself and Brian free. Brian then fights the Deathsongs. And then Aria throws Snowdorp off a ledge, but is caught by Peter but uncousus. But then he is defeated, so everyone else takes him back. But the Sirens now have better plans.

Back at Equestria/The Dazzlings take over!

But in Equestria, Brian injuries are healed, then Peter sees something in the distance. When Hiccup takes a look, it's the Dazzlings' Deathsongs! And they begin controlling everyone as the episode ends.




  1. Under Our Spell - The Dazzlings
  2. I Need a Hero - Jennifer Saunders [in Peter's place]
  3. The Two Towers: Wolves of Isengard [when Brian fights the Deathsongs]

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