Sirens and Dragon Sirens Part 2 is the second episode of the 4th season of The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk.


Previously on The Chronicles of Equestria and The Isle of Berk: While fishing, Brian and Peter find a cave and are captured by the Sirens. Then when the others come to get them, they take over Equestria. Now the dragonn riders must work together to defeat the Dazzlings and their dragons.


Sirens' take over

As the Dazzlings sing, people are hypnotized by them. And dragons are hypnotized by their Deathsongs' singing and they banished Yuna, Hiccup, Brian, and Peter away.


As they continue getting slaves, the Dazzlings rename the city as "Sirentopalis" and prison Celestia in a chrysalis cacoon. While Astrid is in chains. And a servant. As this goes on for the Dazzlings to live. While their Deathsongs are watching their every move.

Back to the others

The others are on an island far away, thinking about how they should fight back. And then when they hear something close by, when they go check it out, it was Godzilla! This then gives Brian an idea, he gets a massive sword, which Rexy was close by. Brian then tells him to stand with us. Or stand against him. And then Godzilla fights him, but Brian soon defeats him in battle. And Rexy, Blue, and the raptors show up. They then request to help. Yuna agrees to let them help, and so they set off.

Heading to the castle door

Back in Sirentopalis, the Sirens sing "I Need a Hero". As Yuna, Hiccup, Brian, and Peter make their way they are holded by guards. But soon, Godzilla is taking heavy vases but fires. And then he starts to pull open the castle doors he is hit by foam. And then he tries to again this time foam hits him with full blast. Godzilla then gives up but Brian swoops in. And then he opens the doors allowing the others to come in and stop the ceremony. And then Brian gets his sword and axe. And then he starts fighting the sirens, and he first gained the upper hand, but was defeated. But Blue steps in and attacks them and Brian joins back in. Together they both pushed them to the ocean where a shark jumps out and grabs them whole! After that they celebrate and the salves are free after 3000 years as the episode ends.




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  2. I Need a Hero

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