Skabb's translationers and apearent leaders of the air pirates.

preivous enemies from the Spyro game, the enternal night.

they were defeated before, but it is beleave Skabb survive and is rumored to be working with Captain Hook, along with his freaky parrot/owl/lemur/bat translaters who are really the true leaders of the air pirates.

Spongebob and friends meet peter pan was planed by Supervideomaniac with Skabb, Scratch and Sniff helping captain hook and are apearently villain leagers, but the project was canned because Lionkingrulez wanted to have Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy as guest stars in his verson, Alex's Adventures in Peter pan. this was allowed, in exchane for letting Supervideomaniac to do the sequil, giving Skabb and his pet translater animal comunations a new light in their first ever guest star appearecnes in Spongebob, Alex, and Friends Return to Never Land. however, what is mention above is set to be reformatted as Spyro and Friends meet Peter Pan, also set to be a prequil to Spongebob, Alex, and Friends return to neverland, with Skabb and his translaters set to be in it.

Scratch is the british talking orange one, Sniff is the purple one with a afican amarican talk syle and seems simuler to the famous black guy with the standing up white hear from that westling show he was from due to his feathers standing up stright. both appear to have scars on their chests, and eyepatches.

they appear to also sevre as Skabb's better intellect to due Skabb's incredable stupidity, evedented by the fact his tounge mostly just hangs out. but Skabb makes up for it by being a pirate's variation of a cyborg, with a gribbing hook, a leg cannon, and a cannon inside a treasure chest oprated by Sniff, which can easily be avoided when Sniff yells, "Fire the cannons!"

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