This is how the scene for Skipper intervening goes in Dusty and the Grand Galloping Gala.

(Skipper was busy talking to Soarin' when Spitfire noticed what was happening.)

Spitfire: Hey Skipper. Some of the guests are insulting Dusty.

Skipper: What?

Soarin': What the hay?

Rich mare: You see, Dusty.

Prince Blueblood: Well, well, well. Crop Duster!

Dusty: Prince Blueblood?

Prince Blueblood: Yes. That's right.

Dusty: You wouldn't dare!

Prince Blueblood: Prove it, Crop Dirter!

Dusty: Don't call me, "Crop Dirter"!

Prince Blueblood: Oh yeah?! Says the peasent who doesn't belong at an event like this and who brings an old NAVY plane! You're an excuse for a guest at the Grand Galloping Gala!

Skipper: OKAY! That's the last straw! Stop insulting Dusty! Have any of you have no respect?! (directed at Blueblood) And for your information, just because you’re a prince doesn’t mean you get to mistreat everyday ponies like they’re nothing! Just look at your aunts! They’re both practically GODESSES, and they treat us, the “Peasants” as if we were their equals! Compared to them, you are lower than an INSECT, and you STILL think you have the right to treat others with such contempt? You may be a prince, Blueblood, but you’re still worthless! And If I had to choose between being a lowly peasant and being an entitled, self-centered, unchivalrous, all-around pathetic prince like you, you can bet yourself I’d choose peasant any day of the week! He may be a crop duster but he is still a kind guy, so he is good enough for the Gala! I should know! Dusty may be a crop duster but he is still a kind guy, so he is good enough for the Gala! I should know!

Prince Blueblood: OK. I must go then.

Dusty: Thanks, Skipper.

Skipper: No problem.

Princess Celestia: Well. That was very kind of you Skipper.

Skipper: Thanks, your highness.

Princess Celestia: For you, Dusty. Will you like to sing a song?

Dusty: Yes.

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