Skuld the Second Class Goddess

Skuld is the second class Goddess and the younger sister of Belldandy. In her never-ending quest to protect Belldandy, she keeps a close eye on Keiichi to make sure he doesn't "try something." "Trying something," in Skuld's expert opinion, is anything involving Keiichi being under a foot away from Belldandy. This almost obsessive urge to shelter Belldandy, combined with Urd's constant urging for Kei and Bell to get it on, ends up making Keiichi's life pretty difficult on more than one occasion.

As a goddess, the bulk of Skuld's power lies in her incredible intelligence. She is a math whiz, and even more gifted with machines than Keiichi. In fact, she can build a machine for just about anything Urd and Belldandy have a spell for. She also has the rather unique (and largely useless) ability to plaster words on people's faces.