SkullSatamon is an Undead Digimon type, representing a Shinigami (God of Death), with black wings, boots, gloves and a metal cane. Its name comes from the word Skull (Skull) and Satan (Satan, the Devil), adding the suffix "Mon" .Contenido [show] Reference Profile OficialEditar secciónDigimon secciónBuscando BookEditar force and destruction, fell to the dark area as a Fallen Angel Digimon, his appearance in ruins of what once was. However, their wickedness was further refined, making his dark powers are unfathomable. Your DigiCore, concentrated with great powers of darkness, is the characteristic of the Demon Digimon species, called the "Dark Core". His special move "Bone Nail" is a terrifying technique which fires a powerful light jewel at the end of his stick, which interrupts and erases data opponent. [1] Anime Edit secciónDigimon Adventure 02Editar secciónEra an ally of Daemon with LadyDevimon and MarineDevimon, who made up the Daemon Corps. He fought Imperialdramon Dragon Mode and all other Digimon of the Chosen Children were easily defeated. He tried to throw a bus full of children but when Imperialdramon received energy and other Digimon digievolucionó Imperialdramon Wrestler Mode, defeated SkullSatamon.Digimon FrontierEditar secciónTres SkullSatamon, were followers of the Royals and Knights Lucemon. They attacked the Ciudad del Fuego and Digimon there, being defeated by KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon.Digimon Xros WarsEditar secciónAparace first in episode 20, with SkullGreymon and are part of the armed Twilight DarkKnightmon where fighting Cyberdramon. In the end it joins DarkKnightmon through forced DigiXros, forming SuperDarkKnightmon. This SkullSatamon is larger than that shown in the other seasons of the series. Edit secciónDigimon sleeve V-Tamer 01Editar secciónAparece DNA being Digivolution Ogremon and Devimon caused when Neo Saiba joins two of his Digivices and kills a guard Etemonkey.Digimon NextEditar secciónEra prison where Norn was in the World System. He then defeated by Shou Kahara and Ravemon.VideojuegosEditar secciónDigimon MastersEditar secciónDigievoluciona of IceDevimon and is the perfect way to Impmon, once you reach level 25 and 3 evoluters, you can digivolve into SkullSatamon.AtaquesEditar secciónHueso Satanic / Bone Nail / Hellfire : Throw a lethal energy beam from his staff. With it you can neutralize even a level Digimon Mega.Hueso Hammer: Hit hard with his cane.

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