This is how Skull Basher attempts to destroy the plant goes in F.L.I.K..

[They go down a lift]

[Atta leads him to a room]

[Atta presses a few a buttons as Flik watches]

[Flik looks at Atta's hand and clasps his hands]

Flik: Atta?

[A shuttle door opens and Atta points to it]

Princess Atta: Earth.

[Flik looks confused]

Princess Atta: Earth.

[Flik goes inside the shuttle]

Flik: Oh! Ah.

[Flik sits down and offers to let her sit next to him]

[Atta shakes her head and points at her watch]

Princess Atta: Directive.

[Flik gets up, comes out, and then stands still]

Princess Atta: Flik.

[Atta puts him back]

[He follows her out]

Princess Atta: [sternly] Flik.

[Suddenly, the elevator activates, meaning someone is coming]

Princess Atta: Uh-oh.

[Atta hides with Flik]

[Atta and Flik stand very still]

[A person enters the room and turns on the systems and reveals himself as Skull Basher. Skull Basher goes to the pod. Atta and Flik see him drop the plant in it]

Princess Atta: [gasps] Plant!

[Skull Basher presses a button and exits the pod]

[Atta finds that Flik is gone]

Princess Atta: Flik?

[Atta turns and sees Flik in the pod picking up the plant]

Flik: Atta.

Princess Atta: Flik!

[Skull Basher activates the portal and it shoots into space with Flik and the plant inside]

[Flik is flung against the window]

[Skull Basher leaves. Atta then comes out of hiding, looks through the window worriedly, and then goes to a chute and uses it to go after Flik]

[Inside the pod, Flik falls to the floor]

Computer: Cruising speed. You are now free to move about the cabin.

[Flik gets up]

Flik: Huh?

[He notices a red button]

Flik: Oh!

[Flim sees a flashing light]

[Flik notices a warning signal]

Computer: Twenty seconds to self-destruct.

[Flik panics and presses various buttons which make various special features come out]

[Flik then looks at the controls]

[Flik sees the warning signal again]

Computer: Ten seconds to self-destruct. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...

[Flik picks up a fire estinguisher and uses it to try and open the door]

[Atta has nearly caught up when the pod explodes]

[Atta looks on worriedly]

Princess Atta: No. No.

[Atta flies on]

[Flik zooms past her]

Flik: Atta!

[Atta smiles]

Princess Atta: Flik! [flies after him]

[Flik points his extinguisher the other way]

[He propels himself backwards]

Princess Atta: Flik!

[They zoom passed each other]

[Flik uses the extinguisher to move towards Atta]

Flik: It's okay.

[Flik hugs her]

[She smiles]

Princess Atta: Flik.

[Flik smiles back and opens his backpack to reveal the plant]

Flik: Atta.

[Atta looks at it and the watch on her wrist says Deliever to Axiom Superior]

[Atta takes the plant and puts it in a box]

Princess Atta: [happy] Flik!

[Atta grabs him and they spin through space]

[Atta then kisses him]

[Flik floats away and stops just short of her]

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