This is where Skyla encounters Kevin in Return to Paradise Falls

Skyla: [hears rustling] Hmm?

[she then sees some footprints]

Skyla: Footprints?

[she follows them but they stop at a bush]

Skyla: Huh. [takes a choclate bar out of nowhere]

[then she hears some more rustling and then a huge beak comes out and bite off some of her bar]

Skyla: Huh? 

[Then something rises]

Skyla; [looks back] Wow.

[To the others]

Brian: What is Skyla doing?


Skyla; Hey, I found a huge bird!

Brian: Oh, did you?

Kipper: What kind?

Skyla: It's tall. And it has a lot of colors and it ate some of my chocolate.

Brian: Chocolate?

[they take a look and see the bird is Kevin!]

Brian: Gah! It's Kevin!

Skyla: What?

Twilight: Skyla, that bird is Kevin!

[the Kevin grabs Skyla and swings her around]

Brian: Kevin, easy with her!

[then Kevin hops onto a tree and goes to the bench and then starts tossing Skyla]

Skyla: Whoa! Easy!

Kevin: [catches Skyla and then nuzzles her]

Skyla: She likes me!

Pazu: Yeah, she kinda does.

[Kevin then sets Skyla back on the ground]

Skyla: Kevin really is a nice bird.

Kevin: [sqwaks]

Brian: She sure is.

[Then starnge sounds are heard]

Tiger: What was that?

Brian: [as Balto] I think we should keep moving.

Thomas: Yeah, that's sounds like a good idea.

[They journey on]

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