Here's how Skyla, Arnold, and Minka fly away in Return to Paradise Falls.

[we now see the team approaching the falls]

Brian: Carl's house.

Pinkie: Wow! It did land right next to the falls!

Percy: Yeah!

Vinny: I can't believe it.

Brian: I'll think of something.

[but then a little later, Penny notices some of the balloons are floting upward]

Penny Ling: Kipper? Did you just cut loose some fo the balloons?

Kipper: no.

Penny Ling: Then why is that bunch of Balloons floating upward?

[then we see Skyla, Minka, and Arnold are tied onto the balloons!]

Skyla: Let's go!

Cadance: SKYLA!!!

Shining Armor: What are you 3 doing!?

Minka Mark: We're gonna go save Kevin, Sheeta, and Sylveon!

Skyla: Fly!

[Skyla spreads her wings and they fly off into the sky]

Brian: NO GUYS, NO!!!!!!!

[but they are already high into the sky]

Brian: [kicking rocks]

Kipper: Come on! We have to go after them!

[they race back for the bench and the Hiddenburg]

Cadance: I'm coming, sweetie!

Kipper: Quick! Cut loose some of the ballast!

Zoe Trent: [hops on the bench] We're coming with you!

Cadance: Get this airship going!

Spongebob: Aye, aye!

[the team start racing around starting each of the engines and then slowly the Hiddenburg starts to assend upward]

[With Skyla, Arnold, and Minka]

Skyla: Any sign of that man's ship yet?

Arnold: [points forward]

[we see Muska's ship appear from behind some clouds]

Minka Mark: There he is!

Skyla: We're going in!

[she flies them closer and then passes a window where some fo the Deceptitrain droids are playing cards]

Deceptitrin droid: I win!

Deceptitrain droid 2: Drats!

Deceptitrain droid 3: [sees Skyla's tail] Hey, what's that?

[Skyla, Arnold, and Minka soon go in through a window, and then untie the ballons from their bodies]

Skyla; Don't worry, you 3. We'll save...

[Guns cockedloaded behind them]

[they turn and see the 3 Deceptitrains droids behind them]

Deceptitrain droid 1: Hello, pretty.

Minka Mark: Uh, hi?

[we come into another room and see Muska talking to Kevin, her chicks, Sheeta, and Sylveon]

Muska: I can't wait to bring you home, just wait till they get a look at the Birds of Paradise Falls.

Sheeta: No you won't!

Muska: Is that so?

Deceptitrain droid: Sir? The pink monkey, little piglet, and pink alicorn filly have boarded!

Muska: WHAT?!

[we now see the 3 on chairs on bonds]

Minka Mark: Let us go! [monkey chatters]

Skyla: Not helping!

Muska: [kneels down to look at them] Where's everyone else?

Skyla: Not coming! Let Sheeta, Kevin, and Sylveon go!

Muska: Never.


Muska: [sighs in annoyence] First, to be rid of the 2 annoy boxes.

[he then takes Minka and Arnold to the entry way]

Minka Mark: HEY!! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING US?! [monkey chatter]

Deceptitrain droid: You can chatter all you want little monkey.

Decpetitrain droid 2: Neither King Kong is gonna save you.

Minka Mark: King kong is dead!

[then Muska looks outside and sees the bench and Hiddenburg]

Muska: Commander, the others are coming! Guard that Bird and the girl! [he then pulls a lever]

Minka Mark: Hey, get back over here! I'm not finished with you!

Muska: Nice talking with you.

[then Minka and Arnold notice the entry way is slowly opening!]

Minka Mark: Ah!

Muska: Where are you guys? [he turns the airship]

[we then see the Hiddenburg and bench approaching from the rear]

Brian: [grabs 2 ropes]

Minak Mark: AH!!!!

Kipper: Oh no!

Pig: Arnold!

Zoe Trent: Minka!

Brian: Hang on! I'm bringing us in! [turns the ship closer as the bench does the same]

Brian: [walks down the entry way of the Hiddenburg] Hang on! We're coming! [throws one of the ropes onto the walkway and then ziplines down it and rabs the chair just as it's about to fall off]

Minka Mark: Brian!

Brian: Bring it closer!

[the bench and Hiddenburg slowly come up to the walkway]

Cadance: Where's Skyla?!

Minka Mark: Muska has her!

Brian: Stay here!

Minka Mark: But I wanna help you!

Brian: I don't want you're help! I want you to be safe! Come on, Pazu!

Pazu: Right behind you!

Mucker: Pazu! [throws him a grendae launcher]

Pazu: Thanks.

[Brian and Pazu race inside]

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