This is where Skyla finds about Yuna's secret and how the nighttime flight goes in The Alliance of Berk and Equestria.

[the next day, we see the foals, (along with Ze, Thomlight, Button, Babs, and the Crusaders) at a small arena]

Apple Bloom: Ah'm so ready for this!

Sweetie Belle: We might get our cutie marks in dragon slaying!

Scootaloo: Yeah!

Babs Seed: Ya never know.

[The gates open]

Yuna: Oh, dear.

[they enter the arena and then a stallion walks up]

Stallion: Welcome to Dragon training, I'm your instructor: Comet Hoof.

Apple Bloom: So, what are we gonna be doin'?

Comet Hoof: It's time for you young fillies and colts to learn how to battle against dragons and whoever does the best will earn the honor of killing a Monstrous Nightmare! But first, we'll start with a Gronckle! [pulls a lever]

[The gates open]

Button Mash: Wait, aren't you gonna show us first?

Comet Hoof: I believe in learning on the job.

[The Gronckle then flies out and then starts eating some rock]

Comet Hoof: When fighting any dragon, what is an important thing you need?

Skyla: A doctor?!

Sweetie Belle: A shelter?!

Scootaloo: A shield!

Comet Hoof: Yes! Get one, quick!

[they all each grab one]

Comet Hoof: Those shields are good for another thing: noise! Make lots of it to throw off a dragon's aim!

[The foals begin hitting their weapons against their shields, making the Gronckle shake its head, confused.]

Apple Bloom: It's working!

Comet Breath: All dragons have a limited number of shots. How many does a Gronckle have?

Nyx: Five?

Babs Seed: No, six!

Comet Hoof: Correct, six!

[Babs' shield gets blasted out of her hoof.]

Comet Hoof: Babs Seed, out. Yuna, get in there!

Yuna: I'm coming, I'm coming!

[the Gronckle then blasts Nyx's shield]

Comet Hoof: Nyx, you're done!

Skyla: I really hope it doesn't try to eat me! [her shield gets blasted out of her grip]

Comet Hoof: Skyla, you're out!

Skyla: [as she races for cover] AAAAHH!!!

Apple Bloom: Watch out! [her shield's knocked out of her grip]

Comet Hoof: Apple Bloom, out. 4 shots left.

Scootaloo: Here it comes!

[she jumps out of the way as the fire blast hits the wall.]

Comet Hoof: That's it! 3 shots left!

Scootaloo: Come on Scoot, come on Scoot, come on Scoot!

[her shield's knocked out opf her grip]

Comet Hoof: 2 shots!

Yuna: Whoa! [her shield's knocked out of her grip]

Comet Hoof: 1 shot left!

[Yuna then tries to get her shield back, but the Gronckle is right behind her]

Comet Hoof: Yuna!

[the Gronckle then has Yuna up against the wall and is about to fire its fire blast but Comet Hoof pulls it away from her as it misfires]

Comet Hoof: Empty. Go back to your pen, you overgrown sausage. (closes the gate) Now we shall move onto the next dragon but for now, it's time for a 5 minute break.

[The foals then some by a local snack bar to grab a bite to eat while Yuna takes out the notes Hiccup gave her]

Yuna: Alright, time to learn some new techniques. [starts reading] Ha ha! [continues reading] Alright, this is good info.

[later, the foals are back in the arena and this time they're gonna face a Star Shadow]

Comet Hoof: This here's a Star Shadow. They are known to having fire blasts like a flame thrower's. A wet dragon head can't light its fire so you have to time it just right to throw the water on it.

[as he speaks, fog starts to surround the arena]

Babs Seed: (to herself) Razer sharp, teeth that can cut through thickest meat, prefers ambush attack, crushing its vic...


Button Mash: This isn't gonna be easy.

Thomlight: Yeah.

Scootaloo: If that dragon shows his head I'll... [sees something in the fog] There!

[They splash water]

Skyla: Yah!

Nyx: Hey! It's us guys!

Scootaloo: My bad.

Apple Bloom: Well, can ya' blame us? It's kinda hard ta's see anythang' in this fog!

[Then something pulls Apple Bloom into the fog]

Nyx: Wait.

[the Star Shadow's tail then trips Nyx and Skyla]

Nyx and Skyla: AAH!!

[then Apple Bloom runs out of the fog]

Apple Bloom: Go!

Babs Seed: Chances of survival are trailing down the scale now.

[the the Star Shadow's head appears]

Babs Seed: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! [throws the water but it doesn't reach] Oh. Too soon

[the Star Shadow breaths out gas at Babs Seed]

Comet Hoof: Babs!

Babs Seed: AAAAH!!!!

Comet Hoof: Now, Yuna!

Yuna: [throws the water but it doesn't reach] Oh, come on!

Comet Hoof: Yuna!

[then the dragon starts backing away from Yuna]

Yuna: Back! Back! Back! BACK! Now, don't you make me tell you again! Yes, that's right! Back into your cage. [throws an eel in] Now think about what you've done. [closes door]

Foals: Huh?

Comet Hoof: [surprised] Nice work, Yuna. [stutters[ Alright, we'll take another short break before we can continue.

[as they take the break Yuna reads the next parts of the notes]

Yuna: [reading] "Dragons like Garlic Grass."

[later, the foals are facing the Gronckle again, but this time, Yuna has a small bit of Garlic grass]

[The Gronckle flies towards Yuna, but then it sniffs the grass and Yuna rubs the grass on its nose.]

[later as the foals head for the snack bar]

Babs Seed: What was that? Some kind of trick? What did you do?

Button Mash: How'd you do that?

Scootaloo: It was really cool.

Nyx: Hey, Yuna, I've never seen a Gronckle do that before!

Yuna: Um, I left something in the ring I'll check up with you guys.

Skyla: Hmm..

[Yuna then reads the next set of ntoes when she's out of sight]

Yuna: [reading] "Like to be stratched on the back of their neck and under their chin."

[the next training, thefoals are now against a Deadly Nadder]

Scootaloo: [throws a rock at it] Yah! [but the rock misses and it charges them] Whoa!

[Yuna then sets down her mace and the dragon stops in front of her and looks at her]

Nyx: Huh?

Button Mash: [charges the Deadly Nadder, ready to strike it with his pistols] GAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Yuna: [scratches the dragon in the same matter, and it lays down when she scratches its chin]

Button Mash: [stops, and looks at Yuna amazed and surprised at the same time] Whoa!

[as the foals head for the snack bar]

Sweetie Belle: Yuna, you're totally going to come in first, there's no question.

Yuna: [is later out of sight and she reads the next notes] (Reading) "Atractted to beam of light."

[we return to the dragon training ring]

Comet Hoof: Meet the Terrible Terror.

Button Mash: Ha! That's like the size of my--

[The dragon attacks Button.]

Button Mash: AH! GET IT OFF!

[the dragon is now biting Button's nose when he notices a light beam]

Button Mash: Ah, my nose!

[The Terrible Terror chases the light beam which is created by Yuna's shield.]

Apple Bloom: Whoa, Yuna's certainly knows how ta' deal with Dragons.

Yuna: [leads the Terrible Terror into the pen and closes the door] There!

Comet Hoof: Well down Yuna. Alright, tomorrow will determine who gets the honor of killing the Monstrous Nightmare.

Yuna: Oh, look at the time? Gotta go!

[races off]

[Yuna is soon at her room and she shuts the door] 

Yuna: Oh dear, this is not good! I don't wanna be the one to kill the dragon! Maybe I shouldn't gone so far using those notes.

Princess Luna: Yuna! Could you come here? I wanna talk to you!

Yuna: Alright. [she then comes into the main room] Yes Mama?

Princess Luna: I just wanted to know something.

Yuna: [nervious] What?

Princess Luna: Did you really think you could keep secrets from me? Nothing happens without me knowing.

Yuna: Oh?

Princess Luna: So. Let's talk about that dragon.

Yuna: Oh, dear. Mama, I'm so sorry. I was going to tell you. I just didn't know how to--

Princess Luna: [chuckles]

Yuna: [nervious chuckles] You're not upset?

Princess Luna: What?! I was hoping for this!

Yuna: Uh... you were?

Princess Luna: And believe me, it only gets better! One day you may even lead your own army to fight off an invading dragon attack! I never thought my own daughter could ever be such an amazing dragon expert!

Yuna: Uh, yeah.

Princess Luna: This is truley the greatest thing I could ever see out of you!

Yuna: Mmhmmm. [yawns] I should really get to bed.

Princess Luna: Alright then. Good night.

Yuna: Night. [goes back to her room] [gulps] (in her mind) This is not gonna go so well.

[The Next day]

[The foals are now facing an Iceflyer]

Scootaloo: Please Yuna, let me get this one. I wanna win this.

Yuna: Sure go ahead, by all means.

Scootaloo: Thanks. [she then goes to one of the cover boards]

Rainbow: You goet em' squirt!

Scootaloo: [moving from board to board] This time for sure! [she jumps (Desert Eagle in grip) out and charges] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! [but then she stops in shock]

[the Iceflyer has laid down next to Yuna despite her not doing anything]

[crowd cheers]

Scootaloo: HUH?! But how did... What?! But she... I..

Yuna: Um, I've gotta go now.

Comet Hoof: Hold on there, Yuna.

Yuna: But I'm late for...

Apple Bloom: What?

Sweetie Belle: Late for what exactly?

Princess Celestia: Flame Wing has made a decision of who will kill the Monstrous Nightmare!

[It was silent]

Flame Wing: The foal to kill the Monstrous Nightmare will be..... Yuna!

[Crowd cheers]

Comet Hoof: Well done, Yuna! You get to kill the dragon!

Princess Luna: That's my filly!

Yuna: Heh. Oh, yeah! Yes! I can't wait. I am so... [she arrives at the cove where Nightstar is] ...LEAVING! We're leaving. Let's pack up. Looks like you and me are taking a little vacation. Ah, man... [she then opens up the basket of fish and then she sees Skyla on a rock nearby] Aggh! What the-- What are you doing here?

Skyla: Finding out what's going on. And what you're doing ever other afternoon.

Yuna: Uh, that uhm...

Skyla: What exactly are you doing? And how is it that you became a huge expert on dragons?

Yuna: Well, I uh....

Skyla: Are you training with someone?

Yuna: Uh... training?

Skyla: For what?!

[then Skyla hears something]

Skyla: Hmm? What's that?

Yuna: [nerviously] Oh, that's nothing. [gets in front of Skyla] You're right! You're right! You're right. I'm through with the lies. I've been uh... studying dragon techniques.

Skyla: Oh, really?

[then the growl is heard again and Nightstar sees Skyla]

Skyla: [gasp] A Night Fury! Get down!

[Nightstar then races towards them]

Skyla: [she readies her horn to blast her]

Yuna: NO!! [jumps on Skyla and then calms down Nightstar] It's okay! It's okay... she's my cousin sister. [to Skyla] It's okay. You just scared her.

Skyla: I scared her?! Wait, who is "her"?

Yuna: Skyla, Nightstar. Nightstar, Skyla.

Nightstar: [snarls]

Skyla: [is very shocked at this and then she runs off]

Yuna: Da, da-da! We're dead!

Nightstar: [turns away]

Yuna: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Where do you think you're going?!

Skyla: [panting as she races off] [she then jumps over a rock but then Nightstar flies above her and grabs her tail] WHOA!!! Oh, Great Crystal Heart! This is it! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

[Nightstar then flies to a tree and mounts Skyla on one of the branches]


Yuna: Just let me explain.

Skyla: I am not listening to ANYTHING you have to say!

Yuna: Just trust me, Skyla.

Skyla: [starts climbing up and then is about to hop on Nightstar as she snarls. She then hops on behind Yuna] Now, can we get back on the ground?

Yuna: Nightstar, fly back down.

Nightstar: [spreads her wings]

Yuna: See? Nothing to be afraid of.

[but then suddenly, Nightstar flies straight up into the air]

Yuna: WHOA!!

Skyla: [screams as they fly onward and upward]

Yuna: NIGHTSTAR! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! BAD DRAGON! [Skyla grabs onto Yuna and hangs on for dear life] She's not usually like this. [the Nightstar barrels rolls] Oh, no...

Skyla: WHOA!!

Yuna: Nightstar, what are you doing?! We need her to like you! [then Nightstar starts spinning] And now the spinning.

Skyla: Okay, okay. I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I am sorry! Just get me off of this dragon!

[after hearing Skyla say sorry, Nightstar then stops and starts gently flying]

Skyla: [opens her eyes and then starts to be amazed at the sight before them] Wow.

[Nightstar continues flying and then they fly by the full moon as the light shines open them and then they fly over Canterlot]

Nightstar: [glaces back at Skyla to see her enjoying it]

Yuna: So, what do you think of Nightstar now?

Skyla: I admit it, this amazing. And she's amazing too. [gently pets Nightstar's left ear]

Yuna: That's good. So can you agree that dragons aren't so bad afterall?

Skyla: Yes. I mean, this a Night Fury we're riding and they're normally the most fearsome dragon ever. But it turns out, they are just as gently as a cat or dog.

Yuna: Yeah.

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