Skylar is a Eurpoean rail crane truck who was introduced in Season 3. He is a crane fresh out of the teacher-training academy, which is a reffrence to Elmira Free Academy or EFA. He is teaching the trainees while Dunbar is on holiday, traveling the world.


Skylar was sent to Chuggington because of Dunbar's absence. At first Brewster didn't like Skylar, whilst Wilsonand Koko did. Soon Brewster got used to him. He regularly taught the trainees. After Dunbar's unexplained return Skylar quit teaching the Trainees. It is possible that he could just be teaching Hoot, Toot, and Piper. Whether he's teaching or not is unknown. Whatever he's doing, he's still working in Chuggington.


Skylar is based on a rail ROBEL work crane truck, commonly used in Europe.


  • Skylar must be able to switch crane grabbers because in Brewster's Crane Training it's a claw grabber but in Top Secret Koko it's a shovel grabber.

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