Here's how the sleepover at LPS goes and Nyx shows her wings in The Beginning of the Chronicles

Narrator: Later, that night. Nyx was joining the Crusaders at Littlest Pet Shop for a sleepover.

Zoe Trent: It's nice for Nyx to sleep over with us.

Penny Ling: And Snowdrop too.

Snowdrop: Thanks, Penny Ling.

Nyx: It's a honor inviting me here guys.

Vinnie Terrio: Hey, any friend of the Crusaders is a friend to us.

[Then a fly buzzes by]

Mitzi: Uh, Nellie, Joy, Aranea, could one of y'all take care of this sucker.

Joy: I got it. [grabs it]

???: Oh, please! [laughs] You think those tiny paws can catch a fly?

Joy: Oh, it's Ritchey!

Ritchey: You're just little spiders. Tarantula's are more muscular than you, I am the future!

Apple Bloom: No you ain't, you dumb hairy arachnid! Joy, Aranea, and Nellie are the best spiders better than you.

Ritchey: Oh, yeah? Who says?

Scootaloo: We say!

Vinnie Terrio: Why do you think tarantula's are better?

Ritchey: Because lizard boy! I am the most popular arachnid on the planet, and I eat insects, mice, birds, and reptiles, just like you!

Button Mash: Hey look, a hawk!

Ritchey: HAWK!? Where?!

Button Mash: Gotcha!

Ritchey: Bite my hairy flank.

Button Mash: [looks at it] It doesn't look hairy to me.

Ritchey: Neither is yours, meat bag. [to himself] Dumb colt. [outload] But what's the matter ladies? The 3 itsy bitsy spiders miss their mommy? [blinks 5 times] [laughs]

Aranea [war cries but is held back by Nellie and Joy] I'LL KILL YOU!!

Ritchey: I love to fight. But I gotta go. Scorpio, lay the music.

[But no music is playing]

Ritchey: What are you doing?

Scorpio: Dude, you can play the music, I mean I know you.

Ritchey: Oh, says the scorpion and best friend who orders dvd's online! Come on! [grabs his tail and he crawls away]

Vinnie Terrio: [groans] That rude tarantula, if I had my way, I'd eat him!

[another fly goes by which Vinnie catches with his tongue and eats]

Blythe: Hey, who want's to play "Truth or Dare"?

Minka Mark: I do! I do!

Blythe: Alright. Here we go. [spins the bottle]

[the bottle points at Pepper Clark]

Blythe: Pepper, "truth or dare"?

Pepper Clark: Truth.

Blythe: Okay, what is the truth of how I can talk to animals?

Pepper Clark: Well, since you came out the dumb waiter.

Blythe: Alright, next. [spins the bottle at it points to Penny]

Blythe: Penny Ling, truth or dare?

Penny Ling: Dare!

Blythe: What's your dare?

Penny Ling: I dare Nyx to tell us a secret she's never told anyone before.

Nyx: Like what?

Penny Ling: Just anything. Anything off the top of your head.

Nyx: Well, I can’t really think of anything to tell you, but… [she glanced back at her vest.] There… is something I can show you.

Sunil Nevla: Oh? What is it?

Nyx: I think it’s better if I just show you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone else. Twilight, Thomas, and Rarity know, but they told me I couldn’t show anypony what I’m about to show you.

Joy: Whoa, this has to be good if Twilight told you to keep it a secret.

Areana: Let alone, Thomas.

Nyx: Well, yes..

Snowdrop: Go on, Nyx.

Nyx: [heads into a closet]

[after a short while Nyx comes out, not wearing her vest. And everyone stares at her]

Nyx: [to herself] I knew it. [she turns her head away prepared for what the others might say.]

Russell Ferguson: You look amazing!

Pepper Clark: Yeah! Why didn’t you tell us sooner you had wings?

Nyx: Well, Rarity told me that if ponies knew I had both a horn and wings, they would get jealous of me. I didn’t ask for them; I just have them, and—

Sweetie Belle: Oh, yeah! You could so make Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon jealous.

Vinnie Terrio: Even the those 2 twins would be jealous!

Nyx: But aren’t you jealous? Rarity said everybody would be, and I don’t want to make you all jealous.

Zoe Trent: Jealous? Us?

Russell Ferguson: Yeah, I'd never seen a young alicorn before. Sure, there are several adult ones, but this is different.

Sunil Nevla: But, why do you even have wings at all?

Minka Mark: I know! Someone must've glued them on!

[everyone looks at her blankly]

Minka Mark: What?

Penny Ling: No, these wings weren't glued on. [grabs the left one and rubs it] This is 100% real.

Blythe: Maybe it's one of those crossbreeding principles. Nyx's mother could be a pegasus and her father a unicorn. Or vis versa.

Russel Ferguson: Yeah!

Zoe Trent: Well, whatever it is. Nyx is still a friend to us. Wings or no wings.

Nyx: Thanks.

Blythe: Alright, let's continue. [spins the bottle]

[Then after a few games, they all turned in for the night]

[however, outside, there was a Sith Droid]

Sith Droid: [floats away]

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