They made it to Diddy House

Diddy: Cranky. Candy. Dixie.

Dixie: Diddy. Hey, who are they?

Gumdramon: Hello. I'm...

Dixie: Wow. You speak like us. And I so glad you made friends to Diddy.

Cranky: Are you here to see us?

Funky: I'm back with those guys.

It was Funky Kong with Shoutmon and his Friends

Komasan, Komajiro, Damemon and Whisper: Gumdramon! USApyon!

Both: Shoutmon! Komasan! Komajiro! Damemon! Whisper! Jibanyan!

Shoutmon and Jibanyan are hugging USApyon and Gumdramon and they realised the Fight they had. They back off and look away from each other

Funky: What a load of banana's. I better go have some surfing, dude.

Candy: Funky Kong. You should better be safe from K. Rook. Beside he's still out there somewhere. But anyway, you guys. The more the Merrier make yourself at home.

Gumdramon: Well anyway....

Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Jibanyan and USApyon: I'm Staying.

Both: What?

Whisper: Everyone, look what I found. See this.

He show them a Gear

Gumdramon: What's this?

Whisper: A gear from the Yo-kai Plane, whis.

Jibanyan: That means Fuyunyan is here somewhere, nyan.

Komasan: So we have to work together to find him.

Shoutmon: Alright. We'll work together. For once!

Gumdramon: Okay, I'm in. For once.

Cranky: Wait a Minute, boys. You better watch some slides with me. Beside, you will know about everything in the Jungle from this Camera. But... I lost all the slides around town, can you find them for me.

They are looking around the town to find the Slides and they found them all. And they are watching the slides and then the Last slide is a Castle

Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon: (Gasp)

Whisper: Are you three alright, whis?

Shoutmon: I'm fine.

Gumdramon: I'm okay.

Damemon: I'm Alright.

Shoutmon Mind: Strange, did I know somewhere from the Digital world?

Cranky: And that's the last slide.

Gumdramon: What about my friends, Tagiru and Psychemon?

Diddy: Oh, right. Cranky, my friend Gumdramon is looking for them.

Cranky: Let me see my crystal Coconut.

He look at it and he nodded means no

Gumdramon: What? But I thought...

Funky: I'm Back, dude. Looks like you didn't find some of you're Friends somewhere. I guess you all should find them on you're own.

Damemon: You sure?

Funky: I think. But still, you better find them no matter where they are. If K. Rool is after you, you better be hidden around the Island. Because he take over the Island.

Diddy Nodded means Yes

Candy: Diddy, are you sure?

Diddy: Yes. I better go see DK.

Cranky: My Grandson?

Funky: He's around here around the island. Beside, he protecting us from K. Rool. And I have some tricks on my Hands.

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