This is how slingshoting to Youngblood's ship goes in Pirate Radio of Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Danny Phantom.

[Danny, Ryan and the gang look at Youngblood's ship]

Ryan F-Freeman: There it is but how are we supposed to get up there?

Tina Fenton: I'll tell you how. We are going to fly.

Danny Fenton: How?

Red (Angry Birds): Bring it in, Terence.

[Terence (Angry Birds) plants the slingshot in the ground]

Red (Angry Birds): Now, remember. The goal is the ship. Get to the ship. Who wants to go first?

Matilda (Angry Birds): I will.

Red (Angry Birds): Alright, Matilda.

Bomb (Angry Birds): Aw. Always a bridesmaid.

Tina Fenton: Chuck, the rubber band please.

Chuck (Angry Birds): Step right up, keep you wings, legs and feet inside the slingshot at all times.

Matilda (Angry Birds): Shoot it!

Tina Fenton: Okeydoke. Ready? Fire!

[They launch Matilda into the sky and towards the ship]

Ryvine Sparkle: And a one and a... [spots Matilda] Whoa! Bird!

Matilda (Angry Birds): Take that, scallywags! [fires a purple fireball out of her bottom]

[The fireball strikes the deck, blowing Ryvine and the ghost pirates surrounding him back]

Sci-Ryan: What do you know, Odette. Matilda still shoots fireballs out of her bum.

Red (Angry Birds): Okay, who's next?

Matau T. Monkey: Let me try.

Tina Fenton: Doesn't matter. Launch him!

[Matau is fired towards the ship]

Matau T. Monkey: YEE HAAA! Don't mess with MATAU!!

[Matau lands on the deck feet first]

Evil Matau T. Monkey: Get him!

[The pirates try to dogpile Matau but he grows to the size of Thunderwing]

Matau T. Monkey: [with his and Thinderwing's voices] I TOLD YOU NOT TO MESS WITH ME!!!!!

[Red and the others watch]

Red (Angry Birds): Wow. That is smashing.

Tina Fenton: Yeah. In a good way.

Ryan F-Freeman: So. Tina? You are.. are...

Tina Fenton: A half-ghost like my brother? Yeah.

Ryan-Ko: Do you got half-ghost? You're a Keyblade wielder and I am a chinese vampire. Oops. Maybe its a bit to a ghost.

[Red smiles]

Rianna F-Fiona: So. You ready with the paper on your hat, Ryan-Ko? Did you say you are a... a...

Ryan-Ko: Chinese vampire? Yeah.

[The ward paper on Ryan-Ko's hat glows]

Evil Ryan: Huh? Who is that paper?

Ryan-Ko: Oh, that? Oh, that's my twin brother, Cody-Ling. He acts as a control keeper.

Cody Fairbrother: I get it. He can keep your powers under control. Like Evil Ryan with the blood of Unicron.

Evil Ryan: Yeah.

Evil Anna: How did Cody-Ling turn into that paper? And why your sleves are long with metal claws from the sleve holes?

Ryan-Ko: I have no idea.

Sci-Ryan: I think it's when Megatron and the Cons attack your village.

[Ryan-Ko is put in the slingshot]

Red (Angry Red): Ready, Kung fu Master?

Ryan-Ko: You bet.

Ryan F-Freeman: You ready, Cody-Ling?

[He glows]

Sci-Ryan: I take that as a "yes".

Roxanne: How did you know?

Sci-Ryan: He glowed once.

Evil Ryan: 3...2...1. FIRE!

[Ryan-Ko is flung onto the ship]

Ryan-Ko: [in chinese] Hello.

[Cody-Ling glows]

Ryan-Ko: I know. I know. [whispering] Don't kill them. Hurt them a little.

[Cody-Ling transforms]

Minion Pig: Who is that monster!?

Ryan-Ko: He's my brother!

Cody-Ling: [roars]

[Ryan-Ko fights the pigs by using his Kung-Fu fighting skills and his metal claws]

Minion Pig: I can't fight a monster like you!

Ryan-Ko: Monster? I'm a kung fu master!

Cody-Ling: [roars]

[Ryan-Ko uses magic on the pig and sets him on fire]

Ryan F-Freeman: TRIAL BY FIRE!!!!

Ryan Tokisaki: No. He's literally on fire right now. Can you have a go?

[Ryan is launched]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoo-hoo!

[Meanwhile, Emmet is climbing Eagle Mountain]

Emmet: Okay, come on, Emmet. You can do this.

[He reaches the top]

Emmet: Mighty Eagle?

[Mighty Eagle lands in front of him]

Mighty Eagle: Hello, Special.

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