Bentley' and Murrey are Corned from Carmelita and then Sly stop her and they Began to fight

Ace: Sly! Stop!

Daffy: You two, cannot fight!

Wile: He's right! Don't do it!

They began to stop

Sly: Hey, Carmelita.

Carmelita: Sly Cooper. I finally found you.

Bentley: Okay, this is getting strange. But who are the

Sly: They are my friends that I was with them, 3 years ago.

Bentley: So they are helping you?

Murrey: So they are not gonna hurt us?

Ace: Of course we won't.

Murray: Well, thank goodness.

Carmelita: Sly. We need to have a talk.

Sly: Okay. You guys better stay here till we get back.

Bentley: Alright.

They both left

Carmelita: Sly, you've got to fight Clockwerk at Russia. I though Ace might be able to help, but you're the only one who can defeat Clockwerk and save the world.

Sly look down

Sly: I don't want too.

Carmelita: Why not?

Sly: Remember my Dad. He got killed from Clockwerk. So I cannot face my past from him. So I cannot fight him.

They look at them

Bentley: Is something wrong?

Carmelita: Yes. Sly said that he cannot face his past from Clockwerk. And I don't think he won't able to fight him.

Murray: Maybe we should cheer him up.

Sly left and look rather sad

That night

Sly: My Dad died. Thanks to Clockwerk... and I cannot face him. I can't fight him.... all because of my past.

10 Years ago

He's father is telling him

Connor: Look Sly, our Ancestors who used to be thieves like us. And look at the stars. Our ancestors from their timelines look down on us from those stars. So when you feel alone, just remember you always need to find some friends, that they help you and cared about you and they will guide you on your way... And so am I.

10 year later

Sly: Dad. I wish you were there.

He saw him as an Illusion and he approach him

Connor: Son... you have forgotten about our family history. You must face it and avenged us.

Sly: How can I fight him? I don't know how I could do that.

Conner: Remember what you are.

He disappeared, and now Sly look brave now

Sly: Looks like we're going... We're going to Russia and fight Clockwerk, and I have to face my past. I could use some help.

Bentley: He is one brave Raccoon.

They went to Russia, and Sly look at the Volcano

Murray: Um... Sly. Are you gonna face Clockwerk on your own?

Sly: Yes. Murray. It's time for me to fight.

They are going to the Volcano to fight Clockwerk

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