This is how Smokescreen's pranks goes in Smokescreen and the Pony of Shadows.

[The film begins with a view of the Autobot base and we cut to inside. Bumblebee is stacking Energon cubes. When he is about to stack the third cube, it moves away slightly. It's revealed that Smokescreen is pulling a prank on Bumblebee]

Smokescreen: [chuckling]

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Weird.)

[Later, Applejack and Bulkhead make a model of the Roman Coliseum out of apples when Smokescreen jumps out]

Smokescreen: Ahhh!

[Applejack and Bulkhead faint]

[Larer, Starlight is reading some papers when she sees a container moving. She goes to check it out and sees Smokescreen dressed as a vampire]

Smokescreen: [hisses]

Starlight Glimmer: [gasps]

Smokescreen: [laughs]

[He then tiptoes towards a sleeping Wheeljack, intending to scare him awake]

Smokescreen: Boo!

[Wheeljack doesn't wake up. Smokescreen keeps trying to scare him but nothing works]

[Later, Rarity is packing her stuff away. She picks some thread and goes inside. Smokescreen puts another one in it's place just as Rarity comes back out. Rarity looks confused and takes the replaced thread in and then comes back out to find dozens of them at the door, courtesy of Smokescreen]

Rarity: What the hay?

[Smokescreen laughs as she heads back in]

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