This is how Smokescreen scares Pinke and the Pony of Shadows goes in Smokescreen and the Pony of Shadows.

[We then view the outside of the Autobot base with the Autobots and ponies stargazing]

Pinkie Pie: Gosh. It sure is a nice night.

Twilight Sparkle: [chuckles] It sure is... a nice night.

[They look at what appears to be Smokescreen behind a rock]

Pinkie Pie: [chuckling] I sure hope Smokescreen isn't waiting around anywhere to scare me, cause I'll freak out.

[Smokescreen lands behind Pinkie and lets out a scream, causing her to freak out and knock into a sculpture of Smokescreen that was behind the rock. Smokescreen laughs]

Optimus Prime: [laughs] If only you moved that fast during the Winter Wrap-Up.

Smokescreen: Oh, Pinkster! You look like you just saw... the Pony of Shadows.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: SMOKESCREEN! Don't... mock.. the Pony of Shadows.)

Wheeljack: What is the Pony of Shadows?

[Awkward silence]

Optimus Prime: The Pony of Shadows is a being said to be brought to live by Nightmare Moon's dark magic that was left behind during her banishment.

Pinkie Pie: Whoa. That does sound creepy.

Smokescreen: [whispering] Don't be too scared, Pinkster. It's not real.

Optimus Prime: IT IS REAL!

Smokescreen: What?!

Optimus Prime: When Applejack was just a filly, Granny Smith told her an ancient legend. When Nightmare Moon was banished, not every last bit of her dark magic went with her. Granny Smith used to say, when night falls on Equestria, that magic takes the form of... the Pony of Shadows!

Smokescreen: You mean, like a ghost?

Bulkhead: Nobody really knows for sure what it looks like. Well, good night.

[He runs off]


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