Here's how the others sneak back on the Legacy and Scroop's death plays out in Little Bear discovers Treasure Planet.

[Soon, Jim, Morph, B.E.N., Little Bear, and the others sneak back on the legacy. But B.E.N. yells and makes noise]

Jim: B.E.N.! Shh!

B.E.N.: Sorry! Sorry, sorry.

[They soon sneak to the bottom of the Legacy]

Jim: (whispiring) Okay. We'll get the map, you wait here.

B.E.N.: Roger, Jimmy! I'll neutralize laser canons, sir! he rolls away]

Jim: Don't, don't! B.E.N.! B.E.N.!

B.E.N.: Yo-ho. yo-ho. A pirate's life for me [Humming]

Jim: [Sighs]

Erza Scarlett: He's gonna get us caught.

Owl: Come on, we have to find the map and get out of here.

Doug Funnie: Well, let's just hurry already, this place gives me the creeps with no one on board.

Chris: Yeah, me too.

[Cuts back to B.E.N.]

B.E.N.: Disable a few laser cannons. What is the big deal? All we gotta do is find that one little wire. [Gasps as he sees tons of wires] Oh, mama.

[Meanwhile, Jim, Morph, and the others find the map]

Jim: [Sighs] Yes.

[Alarm blaring]

B.E.N.: Bad, B.E.N. Bad. OK, fixing.

Jim: That stupid robot's gonna get us all...killed.

[There right in front of them was Scroop!]

Scroop: Cabin boy.

Duck: IT'S SCROOP!!!

[Scroop soon chases after them, and Morph turns into a pie and smashes in Scroop's face, but he pulls Morph off and throws him in an air tube and he's sucked off. Then Jim takes out his pistol and points it at Scroop]

Brian: (as Nick Curren) Freeze!

[Then the lights turn off]

B.E.N.: Whoops OK. don't panic Breathing in. [breaths in] breathing out [breathes out as the lights come back on, and Scroop was gone]

Vaporeon: (as Leonardo) Where'd he go?

[Jim turns around and Scroop wasn't there, he begins to look around and Scroop slowly comes behind them but then Morph appears]

Scroop: Hmm?

Morph: AAAAHHH!! [turns into a hand and pokes Scroop in the eyes]

Scroop: RAH!

[This gets Jim and the others attention, but Scroop slaps Jim and drops his pistol and Scroop jumps on him]

B.E.N.: This has gotta be cannons. [pulls out a wire which makes the gravity turn off] Maybe not.

[Cuts back to Jim, the others, and Scroop]

Emily: The gravity's off!

[Jim kicks Scroop off but they all get sucked out into the ship, but the others grab on the flag but Scroop begins climbing up]

Duck: Jim! The pistol!

Jim: [reaches out to grab it] Come on, come on, come on. [but he accidently makes it fly off into space] No!

Scroop: [Snickers] Oh, yes. [deploys his claw] Do say hello to Mr. Arrow.

[Jim and the others crawl off the flag and grab on the mast, which makes Scroop angry and jumps in to attack Jim]

Jim: Tell him yourself! [kicks Scroop which makes him go in the flag, and the rope snaps making Scroop fly off into space]


B.E.N.: Back you go, you naughty plug! [plugs the wire back in and the gravity turns back on, as B.E.N., Jim, Little Bear, and the others fall back on the ground. And then Morph shows up]

Jim: Morph?

Morph: [Chirrups]

B.E.N.: Laser cannons disconnected, Captain Jimmy, sir! Gee, that wasn't so tough.

Lucy Heartfilla: Gee, thanks B.E.N..

[Jim pulls the map out of his pocket and gasps with relief]

Little Bear: Now, let's get back down there.