This is where the other pets search for Zoe in Burke and Blair's office in The Great Dog Caper.

Vinnie Terrio: Yo, Zoe! You in here?

Whiffle: Naw, this box is empty too.

Pepper Clark: Zoe?

Falcon: Zoe! Zoe!

[then Penny Ling goes up to some toy Gorilla boxers]

Penny Ling: Excuse me, have any of you seen a purple dog with a black beret, and a broken collar?

Gorilla boxer #1: No miss panda, I haven't.

Gorilla boxer #2: HEY! She was talking to me!

Gorilla boxer #1: NO, SHE WAS TALKING TO ME!

[the 2 then battle each other and first gorilla makes the other's head pop up]

Penny Ling: Jeez, these 2 have some real anger problems.

Sunil Nevla: We all thought the entrance to Ripslinger's castle was through the main gate. But infact the secret way was to the left, hidden in the shadows.

Chainsaw: To the left in the shadows. Got it.

[then they hear someone talking]

Opal: Someone's coming!

Falcon: Quick, hide under that desk!

[all the pets hide under the desk as Burke and Blair come in]

Burke: I don't wanna tell you about details.

Blair: 1, 6, 5, that's a lot of numbers! No, we got it.

Falcon: It's the damn scrap tugs!

Woodchip: What's wrong with them?

Winona: That's the kidnappers alright.

Birchbark: Kidnappers! I can't believe it!

[with Timber, Splinter, and Chomper]

[the logs shift and then something starts digging through the middle section and then Timber pops out]

Splinter: It's a good thing we're beavers.

Chomper: [licks his chops] This is the best wood I've ever eaten!

Timber: Yeah.

[Back in the office]

Blair: And the main attraction. [scans the picture of Zoe]

Burke: And I promise, this will be good for Captain Zero's cousin. Mr. Zorran.

Pepper Clark: [gasp] It's Zoe!

Blair: Imagaine another zero to the price

[chatter on Phone]

Burke: What?

Zorran: He would definitly pay anything you 2 want!

Blair: Yes!

Burke: We'll take the next flight to Italy!


[Falcon covers her mouth with his wing]

Burke: Huh? Who said that?

Blair: Must be hearing things, Mr. Burke.

Burke: I don't know.

Falcon: [sighs in releaf] That was close. [to Minka] Will try to be quieter you dumb monkey?! You almost got us caught! No chittering, no squeal or shreik either, okay?

Minka Mark: [as Pinkie] Okay.

Falcon: If we wanna save Zoe, we have to be sneaky, but you positively can't yell, got it?

Minka Mark: Mmm-hmm.

Owlicious: Hoo-hoo.

Whiffle: Good idea, let's go!

[they all hop into the tugs' bag]

Blair: Thank you for your buisness! [hangs up] [scatting in victory]

[the beavers then all get out of their log prison]

Splinter: [hears something] Hey, you hear that?

Blair: We're gonna be rich, Mr. Burke. Rich, RICH!

[the camera zooms in on Minka and Whiffle's tails]

Chomper: [gasp] It's Minka and Whiffy!

Timber: Come on!

Burke: [humming]

[the beavers then pursue the 2 scrap tugs]

[Then they slipped on some of the coal]

Timber: Hu!

Splinter: Whoa!

Chomper: [slips]

[they look up and see the tugs are getting closer to the gate]

Splinter: Come on! Up this way!

[They climb up a wall and then slide down a zip line]

[the tugs are now going through the gate]

Timber: Yes, we're gonna make it!

[But the gate closes]

[the beavers slam into it]

Beavers: BOOF!!! [they slide down] Gah!

[they jump up and down to try and open the gate but to no avail.]

Chomper: It's no good, we're not heavy enough.

???: I can help you with that!

Timber: Huh?

???: Over here, in the pililings!

Splinter: Okay.

[they go over to the pililings]

Chomper: Now what?

???: Knock the beam on the front left side]

Timber: Whoa!

[the pililings fall over and then land on the pressure plate, and the gate opens]

Splinter: Thanks mr. uh...

Chomper: Come on, we don't have time for that. We need to get to that apartment building!

[the 3 beavers take off, then a box opens up and out comes a toy dusty (simalar to the Dusty from the video game)]

Toy Dusty: [looks at the beavers] Hey! Hey, wait for me! I can help you! [he chases the beavers]

[but then another box opens up and toy version of the Ripslinger from the video game emerges]

Toy Ripslinger: Ah! Destroy Dusty! [he chases them] DESTROY CROPHOPPER!! DESTROY CROPHOPPER!! DESTROY CROPHOPPER!!

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